Lee’s movie review ( Ip Man )

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A friend of mine came by recently and suggested we watch a movie called Ip Man. I love action movies, in particular martial arts movies, so I was willing to give this obscure movie a chance. My inner geek rejoiced when this started; in fact in retrospect I’m fairly certain that I heard Gregorian chants when I hit play.

The first thing I noticed is that this wasn’t the standard Kung Fu movie where motherfuckers are flying around. I don’t mind too much when they do, but that adds some cheesy flavor to the movies. Second thing that stood out is that the cover of the movie says “Mentor of Iconic Legend Bruce Lee”. Be that as is may, they don’t mention Bruce Lee in any fashion. Having me review the movie is as close to any Lee they discussed in the movie. This movie was so obscure that they threw that reference in there just for shits. (I did my usual searches on this Ip Man and found it to be true, but that’s completely irrelevant to the movie). Perhaps the cover should also read: “Reviewed by a brown Lee in an unknown Blog” to add sales as well.

If you’re a fan of serious ass kickery (That is professional fighter terminology. Trust me), this movie is fantastic. Ass beatings are handed out like it’s a knuckle fast food joint and the food is free. Oh, yeah the story line is pretty good too, and for a lower budget flick it looks very good as well. Back to the ass whippings. It took me a while to recognize the star of the movie (Donnie Yen) is actually one of the Blade 2 members of the Blood Pack. I’m not sure if he had any lines or not, but I always thought that character was a little girlie. I take that back now. In case you can’t tell, Donnie Yen is the Asian guy on the far right. You know, the one that looks like he’s emo’ed out going to the rave with his boyfriend. In fact, if you couldn’t figure out which one of these guys was Donnie Yen, please leave right now.

If you ever watch the movie Taken, play a drinking game with how many times someone gets a chop to the neck. In Ip Man, I challenge you to count the number of punch combinations he rains on people. Of course the sounds that come out when he does those moves make you roll your eyes, but the punches are crazy. I kept thinking that it would be awesome if I could do that to a coworker or two. Anyway, if you enjoy martial arts movies, get this movie and call me in the morning. You’ll thank me. Don’t forget to add the word “ass kickery” to your vocabulary. Everyone will stare at you in admiration.


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