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Years ago I was working a shitty job in Miami (it was close to The Pink Pussycat, look it up). I eventually wound up leaving the place and had a brief but amusing interaction with one of the bosses. I had this posted years ago, but I think that many of you had not had the pleasure of enjoying this with me so I’m going to re-share. Following is the post I had to describe the incident to the readers:

Well, as some of you know all too well, since October I have been working at a nightmare of a job with a hellish boss who I truly believe exhibits symptoms bipolar disorder. It is a gourmet food distributor company owned by the husband, and the thundercunt wife is ‘marketing manager’. However, I’ve had a very hard time because the lady (Helena Steer – how appropriate to be named as a fucking bovine) is rude, ignorant and racist among other things. Either way, I have had an increasingly harder time trying to ignore her rants and rudeness. On Thursday I finally had enough and when Helena did her usual rude remarks, I calmly explained to her that there was no need to be rude. Everything kind of fell apart there because she prefers to have people just keep their mouths shut and just take the abuse (as the rest of the employees do – and to some extent I – were doing). As she became more and more agitated I finally got fed up, packed up and went home. This crazy bitch followed me to the parking lot telling me I had been rude, not her and wondering if I was quitting or just leaving for the day (they had asked me to work Friday, though I’m usually off, and I had agreed). Anyway, that is the short version of the events. I just wanted to set up the scene prior to sharing the brief Email exchange which occurred when I got home. I wrote them in order to find out if I needed to come in Friday or if I was going to be fired. The Emails are set in chronological order. Enjoy!!!

Lee to Bosses From Hell:
Good afternoon, it’s Lee Olivares. Despite the abrupt departure I am still available to come in to work on Friday if necessary. However, if you do not need me Friday (or if you do not want me to come in permanently) please let me know. Again, as of right now I am free to come in tomorrow if need be. Thanks.

Male Boss From Hell to Lee:
When an employee of mine says “I’ve had it. I don’t need this” and walks out of the office and leaves, indicates to me that he doesn’t want to work here anymore and has quit.
You will get your last paycheck for the remaining hours with the next payroll run which is on August 31st.
Good luck in your future endeavors.

Lee to Bosses from Hell ( I also cc’ed the ENTIRE office staff )
Thanks for the response. Although I understand that in the office you feel the responsibility to stand up for your wife. However, I have to ask that if you’re going to quote me, please do so correctly. What I said before I left was not “I’ve had it. I don’t need this.” I said “I’m sorry, Helena, I’m going home. I don’t have the patience for this today.” What I meant by that (as I’m sure you’ve noticed – in complete silence) is that I’ve been feeling increasingly less tolerant of the abusive way in which she speaks to me (and other people in the office as well, even if they don’t have the courage to say so to YOU – you should keep an eye and ear open) on a nearly daily basis.

Now, as a matter of feedback, I strongly suggest that you implement a different style of management as it applies to your “marketing department”. The way your wife speaks to employees (specifically her direct “subordinates”) is not proper and is highly unprofessional. Your duty as owner should have been to intervene and perhaps mediate a situation in which your wife was clearly in the wrong (as she often tends to be) and vastly overstepping the boundaries where “boss” ends and plain old disrespect begins.

In the future, perhaps it is in your best interest to explain to your wife that the simple fact of having subordinates does NOT allow you to mistreat or verbally abuse them (particularly in a situation where you clearly have allowed her to work for you strictly to keep her busy). Now, as a matter of improving your business (which, unfortunately for me, was all I was trying to do), I strongly encourage you (and especially your wife) to look into the details of what is known as The Johari Window. (I have provided you with a link at the end of the Email to facilitate your research). I believe you both will find it very informative and helpful (if indeed anyone recognizes the need to change management styles).

To get you more easily caught up, you have 8 catalogs finished and bound in the back and two perfectly collated but unbound. All catalog sheets are printed and up to date – no need to print for a few days; and all the IBC sheets are finished and saved in the G: drive except for the last one with the “dents de loups” – No need to thank me. By the way, I expect my final paycheck to be mailed to me to the below address. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity of working for your company, have a good day and good luck with YOUR future endeavors.

PS: I’ve heard your wife speak ill of previous employees of the company when other places call asking as a reference check. You should also invest some time into explaining to her that that happens to be illegal in the state of Florida. Or I will.

Lee Olivares

Johari Window:

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  2. Q'Choo says:

    OMG!!! When did THIS happen?! QUE HORROR!!!!

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