June 9th scammer

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At this stage I have received so many different messages from friends who enjoyed my dealings with scam artists. So much so that they forward me their spam (I’m getting recycled spam, go figure) for me to try and contact some scammers. This latest one was sent by my friend Jeff. I wrote them and they made the mistake of replying.

From Scammer
You have been awarded with the sum of $150,000 USD by our office!
Please provide Mr. Ernest Ihioria with these details: Name, Address ,Phone Number
Mr. Ernest Ihioria E-Mail: westeru2011@w.cn

from Mr. Lee
Good afternoon. I received this message and wanted to make sure that it was legitimate before I provide you with my personal information. I ask: is this real or is this a scam?

from Scammer
My dear it is very much real and your money will be sent to you soonest. Please send you details.

from Mr. Lee (I bolded the hidden message I sent them for the blog, not when I wrote them)
For your information, I am a little skeptical about this.
Unless this is really a scam??
Can you tell me how I managed to win this sum of $?
Keep in mind that I am interested in this!!!
You’re able to assure me that this is real?
One more thing, before I send you my info…
Understand that I want the money!
Mr. Lee

from Scammer:
This award was been selected through the internet, where your e-mail
address was indicated and notified

from Mr. Lee
Was this from a raffle of some sort or one of the porn sites I signed up to? I’m confused because I don’t know where this came from. I signed up to a few porn sites, but I don’t recall beastiality.com having a raffle? I’m just a bit skeptical. Can you clarify?
Mr. Lee

from Scammer:
Dear Western® Union Customer, Thanks for writing our office,are you ready to pick up your $150,000.00 USD sent to your name and address? We have decided to transfer payment through Western Union Money Transfer, Ten Thousand United State Dollars ($10,000 USD) will be remitted to you daily until the total sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars ($150,000.00 USD) is fully completed. Meanwhile, we have already activated your first daily payment sum of $10,000 USD on our western union computer transfer database system, available for pick up by receiver which is you.You are advice to contact our Western Union Remittance Officer via email below with your Full Name, Address, Country and Telephone Number so as to enable you pick up your first payment sum of $10,000 USD. Ask our remittance officer to give you the MTCN Number, Senders Name, Text Question & Answer so that your $10,000 USD will be paid to you at any western union outlet there in your country. Note that, you will be responsible to pay for our Western Union Service Charge when claiming your M.T.C.N Number to pick up your first payment sum of $10,000 USD per day, your funds will be remitted to you daily until the total sum of $150,000.00 USD is fully remitted to you by our western union office.

from Mr. Lee
Holy shiznit this seems like it’s for real! I’m very excited! I’m curious about something, though. Instead of Western Union would you be able to do Target cards? I’m not really sure if they have gift cards for $150,000 but if you can’t do Target, can you do Best Buy cards as well?? Do you do Paypal? Are you sure this is safe and legal? I’m nervous about providing you my super secret information.
Mr. Lee

from Mr. Lee (as they haven’t responded)
Oh, I also have a question. Do I use my original birth name? I have 3 aliases. I used to go by my neighbor’s great grandfather’s cousin’s last name. I have gone by: Holden Manuts, Phil Manuts and Duncan Manuts. Please let me know soon. Thanks, boo.
Mr. Lee

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