Welcome to my first edition of hosting a guest blogger. This one in particular is called What the hell happened to good boxing? In case I have additional volunteers for guest blogging, remember that I do not have a filter myself so I will not filter your comments even if they are controversial or if I don’t agree. I do have the liberty of adding my “editor’s notes” in parentheses as I always do. Because I can.

That said, I haven’t read this blog yet and I will answer the question. Good boxing is killed by greed. New boxers have their records padded and promoters use them to cash out on a few big matches. If “they” wanted to fix boxing they would read my blog and do this: Have big name fights on free tv. Make the money off big advertisers rather than pay per view buys (think Super Bowl but on a smaller scale) and advertise the shit out of it. More stringent training for referees and judges as well as implementing fines/suspensions for referees and judges for screwing up. Enact instant replays to prevent inaccurate point deductions from fouls and knockdowns. Finally have this regulated by the government and do away with all the different governing bodies so that you don’t have 10 ‘champions’ in one weight. I have spoken. Anyway, here we go:

Sounds like a simple question.  What happened to boxing?  I’m not talking about technique.  I’m talking about what happened to the good PPV (editor note: pay per view) shows that would grip you from the beginning to that killer last fight that you just had to watch. There’ve been PPV shows that had Roberto Duran, in his prime, fighting a big time fighter for a belt and he wasn’t even headlining the show.

If I’m not mistaken, he fought Tommy Hears, sadly got knocked the fuck out, and though it was a big fight, I don’t think they headlined the event.  The air in my balloon was let out like being told by your girlfriend that she missed her period after you decided to try out banging her without a condom for the first time in your relationship.

Seriously… take the piece of crusty donkey crap Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.  The first thing that comes to attention is that he has a name.  Julio Cesar Chavez.  His father is arguably one of, if not, the best Mexican fighters in history. This JC2 was given a bigger platform from the start for coming out of the correct scrotum.  Really. His “stellar” record stands at 44-0-1-1NC.  Looking at his boxing record, you’d think the man owns a fucking bakery.  CUPCAKES.  Look at all the dudes he’s fought the only people that know them are their parents, except maybe Peter Manfredo because he was part of a cheesy boxing reality show.  Even Manfredo is a borderline C-level fighter. So why is this guy headlining PPV’s?

Come back to tonight’s PPV.  Cotto vs. Margarito.
Cotto is a B fighter (editor note: I’ll give him a B+. Trinidad was far superior in every conceivable way) in my book who’s actually beaten an older Shane Mosley and others, but why is he headlining a PPV? Margarito is a certified cheater (editor note: And he should have been permanently banned from boxing again).  He’s already been caught and suspended for having a plaster-like substance around his hand wraps which harden.  Of course he’s going to knock people out.  So it begs to question, how long was this fool putting shit on his gloves before he got caught?  Anyway.

Boxing managers/promoters are blowing these cats up to get bigger records so they can then be put up against a big name to get a big pay day.  Case and point, Chavez.

Also, all of these shows now have one fight that has people that you want to see.  For example, this card had Delvin Rodriguez and Pawel Wolak in it.  Mike Jones fought too, but I know he won’t sing the song “Back Then.”  THAT would have made it better. And then, these fights are boring.  Boring a like a chick lying there like a dead fish as you’re trying to get your groove on.

I know the fighters, promoters and managers are there to make as much money as they can.  Yet, they should be embarrassed to put on these bullshit PPV shows that have one good fight that turns out to be a shitty fight and then a whole bunch of other dudes that suck so much they should own a vacuum cleaner company. Sadly, it’s not going to change anytime soon are promoters only put their fighters against people they find not dangerous.  Maybe until they get the super big pay day. Then, that doesn’t mean shit either because Floyd Mayweather has been offered so much money that the US foreign debt would be wiped out with that amount, and he still doesn’t take the fight (editor note: I told anyone that would listen that since Pacquiao didn’t look as good as he usually does in fighting Marquez, Mayweather would start talking shit. It took one day).

The only way to make a difference is to stop buying these PPV’s.  Sadly people see the names and spend the close to $70 to watch this crap. For me, I’m going to take my money and get 7 lap dances.
By: J to the O to the E.

  1. Irate B says:

    Very good guest blog with very good points, although I’m getting 6 lap dances and a couple beers with the PPV money. To the editor (and I freely admit I’m on Pacquiaou’s ballsack), I’m certain he didn’t train very hard for this fight. Hopefully it was enough to make Floyd not care about the drug testing and just do this thing, as we all know his great grandchildren will not have to work with the payday he’ll get. And is it just me or does Margarito look like a bootleg Tony Montana? I’m glad his punk ass got beat up. The 24/7 episodes made him seem shadier than I previously thought. Good stuff people, can’t wait for the next installment.

    • sirtilc42 says:

      You think he didn’t train hard for the only guy who has given him a hard fight in years? I don’t know, I doubt that. I think Marquez will always give him trouble. I also think he needs to leave Marquez alone. Marquez has made each fight closer and closer. That doesn’t bode well for Pacquiao. Floyd HAS to ask for the drug test to save face. And, yes, Margarito looked like a bootleg Tony Montana and I am glad he got beat up too. I just wish they would have banned him for good.

    • sirtilc42 says:

      And you’re welcome to guest blog as well!

  2. On My Square says:

    Nobody fights anyone, boxing could use an MMA set up. Dana White makes the best match ups… if you want to fight and make money you have to fight the best guy at that time.

    • sirtilc42 says:

      Yeah, but the difference is that Dana White is a thief. A top boxer can make $20 million guaranteed and the top MMA guy I don’t think breaks $1,000,000. He can AFFORD to have a huge talented undercard because he severely underpays fighters. AND he has the equivalent to a monopoly.

  3. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

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