Boxing: Bernard Hopkins

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Since I’m a big boxing fan, I was asked to blog what happened in the last Bernard Hopkins fight and what impact it has, etc. I don’t mind one bit.

On October 15, 2011, Bernard Hopkins fought to defend his Light Heavyweight title against the young up and comer “Bad” Chad Dawson. When Bernard Hopkins missed with a punch, Dawson ducked and appeared to purposely lift and throw Hopkins to the ground. Hopkins hurt himself during the fall and was deemed unable to continue. As Hopkins was unable to continue due to a foul, the correct decision should have been a No Contest. The referee incorrectly called it a Technical Knockout since he saw no foul, which made Dawson the new champion. Dawson then stupidly stated he would not be giving Hopkins a rematch.

The fight was for the WBC title. The WBC in their arrogance said that they would not recognize Dawson as champion, but that the title was still Hopkins’. It’s only arrogant because no sanctioning body other than the athletic commissions can make decisions as far as wins or losses, etc.

Bernard Hopkins then appealed to the California State Athletic Commission to overturn the decision. Part of this included the referee watching tape and seeing that he was wrong and he stated such. The CSAC changed it to a No Decision, which officially gave Hopkins the title back.

The winners: Golden Boy Promotions (who promote Hopkins) get to make more money by having Bernard keep the title. Bernard Hopkins gets paid more for defending a title. The WBC made money from fees from Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson and will do so again when Hopkins defends.

The losers: Chad Dawson; Bernard Hopkins has said he would not be giving Dawson a rematch. Gary Shaw (Dawson’s promoter) now gets paid less for Dawson fighting as he’s not a champ and because they will not be given a rematch with Hopkins. (The truth is also that it had very small pay per view buys as well)

  1. El Capitan Pingon de San Miguelito says:

    Oh yeah, the video w/ the baby and the dude yelling now now in the background is kind of funny.

  2. El Capitan Pingon de San Miguelito says:

    It was a weak attempt at a double-leg take down. He was not slammed down. He was lifted and then fell down. It didn’t look that bad. I think he thought he was going to get his @ss whooped and quit because he knew he could keep his belt.

    Hopkins’ reaction was NOT relative to the small fall he took.

    I personally think he punked out.

    Of course he won’t give Dawson a rematch. He is SKURRED!!!

    • sirtilc42 says:

      Oh, come on. He’s nearly 50. Only he knows how hurt he was AND he suffered a muscle separation or tear of some sort. B-Hop isn’t scared of anyone. That old man is the truth.

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