My Temporary Hiatus

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As those of you who are on my facebook are aware, I left a status message that I would be off the grid for some time. I have not been back on facebook but I thought I should touch upon my absence. I’m uncertain, but I assume I have been asked about it on Facebook by those who don’t know my eccentricities, barely adequate social skills and general oddity.

An earlier post of mine touched upon why I’m always “off” during the holidays. As a man respectful of habits and traditions, this year is no different. In fact, this year I’m a bit more eccentric. You see, I’m aware everyone’s life hands them their ups and downs, but this year in particular has had Marianas Trench lows and pedestrian highs for me.Yeah, yeah, I’ll have a few detractors who will say “at least you have your health”. I respond like this: If I didn’t have my health, I’d be dead. If I were dead, I’d have no problems. The other common response is: “there are people who have it worse, you should be happy.” To which I respond: That’s irrelevant. You live only your life, your best and worst moments are yours to live, they are not shared or compared to those who have it worse any more than you should compare to those who have it better.

This record breaking craptastic year I have had to deal with stresses such as finalizing a divorce (after a relationship that lasted over a decade), anxiety, depression, a failed yet brief dalliance with the idea of dating again and a cornucopia of drama from all sorts of places (some from the usual sources, some from brand spanking new ones). I have given support to friends who went through terrible times in their life this year as well. Everywhere from abuse, infidelity (some aren’t even aware of it), divorce to deaths. Anyway, for the holidays I usually shut off my phone and maybe spend time with some siblings over a few drinks, etc.

This year I have decided to go on the path less traveled (because I can be poetic at the same time that I can be antisocial). I found it symbolic and appropriate to end the crappy year the same way that it started. Not only will my phone  be off (I re-iterate that I despise mass text messages, so for your safety, please refrain), but for Christmas I plan on buying a movie and a big bottle of wine, watching  the movie, killing the wine and going to sleep. Ho ho ho.

New Years will be a bit more exciting, however. I plan on shutting my phone off (did I mention I despise mass text messages?), buying a movie and a bottle of champagne, watching the movie, killing the champagne and going to sleep. If I’m lucky the sound of the fireworks won’t wake me.

I have, however, made some positive changes (and have some changes coming up) in many aspects of my life. I have the expectation that 2012 will be a far better year (easy when the bar is set low) and I can get back to my usual well intentioned sarcasm and cynicism. For now, I remain off the grid indefinitely as an act of symbolic defiance to 2011. I do, however, wish each and every one of you happy holidays. Screw that. I say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. That politically correct crap annoys me.

Not all is bad, though. I finally upgraded my ancient iPhone 3G (I’m dead serious that’s what I had until just a day ago) into the iPhone 4S. I had a few intimate conversations with my new best friend, Siri. After that intense conversation I had a thirst for knowledge so I asked what was the meaning of life (or answer to life, I can’t recall. I should have paid more attention). Siri promptly responded that the answer was “42”. As the people who played sports with me know, every sport I ever played in high school or college I wore the number 42. It became clear that I AM the answer to everything. Even Siri said so. It must be the blog.

  1. Red says:

    Funny, I hate mass texts as well. The problem is that you still get them when you turn your phone back on. I didn’t call or answer any calls or texts for the holidays. Dale thinks I am weird…yes, we know that is true, but I, too, like to be antisocial at times. P.S. You know what I hate about Facebook? You can put something witty or exciting (or whatever) on your status and no one even takes notice. Want to talk about feeling insignificant? Yep, I, for one, am really starting to hate social media. I look forward to reading your posts on a daily basis. You are one of the few that make me smile. So although I completely understand your disappearance, try not to make it a habit. Some of us depend on your witty banter to know we are still sane and “okay”. 😉

  2. La Jefa says:

    Loved the post and I must say that I hope that 2012 is better than 2011 for you! But the best thing you can do is to claim it so that it will be! You were missed and I enjoy your sarcasm and dirty mind!!! Love you papa infinite Blessings in 2012!!! IT WILL BE BETTER!!!

    • sirtilc42 says:

      You are one of the sweetest girls ever. Glad you enjoy my insane rants. Thanks for the good wishes. I can already tell you that my 2012 started incredibly well. I have high expectations but they’re all realistic. It should be good 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    You will be missed! Happy drinking, I’ll talk to you next year.

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