Lee’s Product Review (Wicked Metal Jacket iPhone Case)

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Recently I finally upgraded to the iPhone 4S. The first thing I noticed is that the front and back have “glass” and as I’m notoriously clumsy I wanted to purchase a case right away. I went to the mall and found a trillion kiosks with pretty much the same crappy cases.

I then decided to expand my search to the internet and found the most amazing looking cases called Wicked Metal. It suited me perfectly. I went with the black chrome model. It was due to arrive on a Saturday and didn’t (which meant I had to wait until Monday, but that’s OK) but I was glad when I received it. It is by far the coolest looking case I’ve see (Please ignore that I have beautiful hands that I could model with).

Well, the instant the case went on, I had to be close to my wireless internet router to get any internet usage. I could not sit in front of my porch to smoke because the phone would not receive a signal. Once I went inside the house the phone could work again.

Guess what? In my office it’s the same thing and this morning I had a difficult time linking my phone to my audio player in my car via Bluetooth despite having done so in the past.

Today, two days after I received the case – I removed it. The signal immediately rose. These cases look great but SUCK unless you sit under a wireless router and a cell phone tower. My iPhone is back to naked.


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