Horoscope – January 17, 2012

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Let’s see what the horrorscope for today has….

The kind compromiser in you and the feisty rebel in you will come together today (Really? And what, pray tell, will be the outcome of that? How about you tie up the nice guy and the sarcastic bastard instead?).

Your depth is legendary (Yep. I’m a pretty deep guy)— it feels like it goes all the way to the center of the earth sometimes! Today, you might find it easier to show someone how you feel instead of telling them (No, thanks. I don’t want to go to jail).

A conversation that you fear will be difficult will actually be quite delightful today (Somehow I doubt that), when it turns out that someone isn’t quite as sensitive as you thought (Oh, the people around me are more sensitive than a cold nipple). It seems that a lot of your assumptions are going to be proved wrong today (I sincerely doubt that. I make very educated deductions not random assumptions)— to your benefit. Making snap judgments about people can be very unwise (I never do. They earn it). Don’t let your assumptions about someone deprive you of the truth (People earn it, I said. It is not random).

You think the stakes are high in this situation (The stakes are always high)— and they are — but is it really the make-or-break deal you’re imagining? Right now, the outcome is uncertain (And it usually is). Find ways to be in the grey area without forcing change (I try to tiptope the line. I always do).

Deep emotions surface today as you reveal something personal to a close friend (I’m done revealing shit. Enough is enough). Breathe deep and stay calm as you explain yourself. There’s no need to get riled up (Far too late for that tidbit). Allow your friend time to process this new information. (Fuck that. Keep pace. I’m increasingly low on patience these days anyway)


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