An Email from a (super hot) friend

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A friend of mine shot me an email which I felt like sharing. She attached a few images which I also wanted to touch on. I like her. She’s hot. She’s also lucky she’s in another state or I would corrupt her. I almost feel bad because she’s so positive, optimistic and idealistic and with the sweetest intentions she sends me a positive email and I couldn’t quite get it. It may as well have been in braille.

Here’s a dose of perspective from my computer folder entitled “My file of awesomeness” just for you, Mr. Grumpy and Pessimistic.  🙂

OK, since we are going to go this  route I’ll quote a song: “but it appears like, on a clear light it could thunderstorm once or more”. This is far too optimistic for me. I cringed. Reminds me of those old movies of people swinging their canes and skipping down the street without a car in the world. I don’t even own a cane.

Yeah, OK. I guess I can kind of roll with this. Sorta. But if you’re cold and calculating, your thoughts don’t become words and may become actions and the whole thing falls apart.

See? I have a problem with the level of optimism. You can’t control everything that goes wrong, so this isn’t always feasible. Not only is it optimistic on steroids, it’s far too idealistic and simplistic for me. Not that wallowing is a better option, but I’m just sayin’. “…and all for want of a nail…”

We’ve covered this. There are no miracles. Only that which can happen, happens. Nothing more. There are coincidences meaningful to a subjective degree and unlikely scenarios, but no miracles. I don’t dabble in the unproven and the unprovable.

Damn it. Looks like your email went to an angry cynical bastard. 😀

  1. Red says:

    No offense to overly optimistic people, but sometimes I would love to punch them in the mouth, just for good measure. I think our society lacks understanding and empathy. They lack the ability to put themselves in other’s shoes and take a stroll down Craptastic Lane.Way back when I posted a note that had “The Five Rules of the World”. You can find it here, Lee:!/note.php?note_id=121471946374

    Sometimes people fall on hard times. Shit happens, as they say. Sure, it’s nice to try on a motivational quote here and there to get yourself going. But to the person IN their situation, it really does nothing but make them feel more powerless. And angry. They question, “Why is this happening to me? What could I have possibly done to deserve this?” Anywho, just saying that I llike your cynical self MUCH more lately with the crap going on in my life.

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