Another Teen Story

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have no clue what year this was, but by the details I’m sure you can get an idea. Way back in the day while we still lived in Panama, my mom used to rent a small apartment out to some lady (as I recall, though gender irrelevant).

Periodically my mom would travel to the U.S. but for pretty brief periods of time, however this time she was required to go for a few months. As she (mistakenly) thought that my older brother was more responsible than I was, it was his job to collect rent from the renter and handle the cash.

Also at the time, my mom owned a Hyundai Excel hatchback. I’ll try to find the actual photo of the car to post it. She liked it particularly because it had plenty of space in the back. Anyway, despite the fact that I adamantly disagreed, my older brother had gotten a brilliant idea. He would collect the rent money and use it to buy a few things for the car. Hubcaps for example. That’s right; not rims. Hubcaps. That’s not too bad. Our mom can’t get too upset.

My brother then decided to get new sound system for the car including an equalizer (young people, look that up, please) and a giant box of speakers for the trunk. This was followed by adding mirror tints to the entire vehicle except for the bottom half of the front windshield (and that had the “Bad Boy” logo in the front.

Transformation complete. I sweated bullets until she would arrive (though having the ability to blast the sound system was thrilling). The stunned and upset look my mom had when she saw her car was only topped by the one she had when she opened her “spacious” trunk to find roughly 2/3 of it being covered by a giant box of speakers. The funny part is that I would have been too scared to have done it, but she would have been too scared to let me be the responsible one.

As you can tell, she spared our lives and the car survived worse than that (like when I nearly took the door off and knocked down a section of my grandmother’s wall with it, but that’s another story). And by the way, since things were so close to each other back home, the eventually-empty apartment was an awesome place to skip class! I mean, it would have been if I did that sort of thing.


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