Horoscope: February 21, 2012

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well, I have a very busy week and, no, I had no day off Monday. I’m curious what “the universe” has in store for me today…Quickie:
Someone’s trying to get a rise out of you by acting weird (Well, this is more certainly not in the office. Here they don’t try to get a rise out of me. Secondly, I’m fairly confident in saying that I’m the weirdest one IN the office so good luck with that). You’re too cool to care. (“Cool is probably not the word. Indifferent is far more accurate. Or disinterested).

It’s not a great time for you to shake things up (Oh, I rattle cages like King Kong) — you need to just chill out (Damn it) and stick to whatever has worked for you in the past (Well, now that’s confusing. I’m still trying to figure out what works. In all actuality, I’m AT work and not working. How’s that for Shakepearean irony?). Soon enough, you can try new things and see how they work (Is this sex related?).

After witnessing a couple of nasty power struggles lately, it is only natural for you to see a great deal of appeal in the idea of stepping into the background for a while and letting others fight it out (Oh, yeah. Leave me alone and I’ll do the same. People need to calm down a bit. Live). It’s going to get cutthroat in a competitive situation, and you should think long and hard about whether you want to get in there and get yourself caught up in all of the conflict (I avoid conflict, but if I have to, I’ll Nagasaki that MF’er). Is it worth it to you? You can still affect the situation without being the big boss (It takes far more intelligence and is far more impressive to control things from the back drop. It’s like watching The Muppets: the characters are all doing their thing, but it’s the unseen puppeteer that runs it).

Daily Flirt:
Good energy is crackling through your brain right now (Hmm let’s not call it “good”. Let’s call it mediocre? Average?), and you might find it a lot easier to figure stuff out — even when you don’t have all the info (Oh, that’s just called making assumptions!). Talk things over with people who know the score.

Daily Singles:
If only people could say what they mean (Oh, if only! Yet, when I do it, it turns into a problem! Turns out people aren’t fans of the truth. And everybody lies). The failure of others to communicate properly could put you in a serious pickle (I don’t even like pickles. And who says “get in a pickle?”). So don’t take anything at face value (I never do. Everyone lies). It’s better to reaffirm and clarify statements two maybe even three times before you act (Oh, hell no. I just run with it. If you lie, I hold you responsible).

Career & Finance:
A new hire may completely change the way you think about your industry (Nope. I think I have it pretty figured out). It could be a crazy couple of days as you get used to different ideas and new ways of tackling problems (Nah. Always keep an open mind, just not open enough for your brains to fall out). Keep your mind sharp and active (My mind is diamond sharp and coal dirty).


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