Facebook Fisticuffs

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Facebook is an interesting little tool, but as with any tool, under the wrong hands it becomes a weapon.I enjoy using Facebook because it has allowed me to stalk get in contact with people from my past as well as new friends which I normally wouldn’t speak with on a regular basis. There are a few things that go on which I think are great and others stupid as fuck not so much. With that in mind, I have decided to share an amusing tale of Facebooking gone wrong.

This conclusion came about because I have a friend I used to bone regularly chill with often. After our little tryst came to an end, she eventually went on to have a boyfriend who eventually became her husband (in record time, actually). I’m happy for her because she’s a very sweet girl and a great lay and I know she was looking for a relationship. However, her estrogen-laden husband oozes insecurity.

The first issue started when they were dating and she and I were no longer boning hanging out. She posted some photos on Facebook and I “liked” a few. Shortly after that, the girl called me to let me know that the boyfriend had been asking questions as to why I would “like” her photos (um..because it’s Facebook, you asinine, insecure little prick). She actually then asked me to not “like” her photos, but to text her to let her know instead. This was a stunning idea to try to resolve his concerns.

I instead resolved the issue by removing her from Facebook. She not only took offense to that without realizing it was a great solution, but she also explained that this would probably result in her insecure boyfriend asking more questions.

I eventually relented and added her back on Facebook, but have since avoided posting anything. It appears he knows I used to rail his girlfriend who I am and anytime I post something, he leaves messages which are a bit passive aggressive. I never indulge on a back and forth for a few reasons. First, I despise drama. These days I try to be as drama free as possible and I don’t make room for things like this. Secondly, this could easily escalate and I wouldn’t have it in me to fight some guy over a girl he’s married to and I have nothing with. That’s senseless.

Dear Mr. Insecurity:
If I wanted your woman, I would have dated her. I made the conscious choice not to because she wasn’t what I was looking for. You have to understand that there are threats and there are perceived threats. I’m just a perceived threat, not an actual one. Perception is reality and you have a mix of bad perception with two parts of insecurity. That’s not a good formula. Mr. Insecurity, please keep in mind that I am by no means trying to be mean; I’m just saying you’re blinded by your lack of testosterone, ignorance and insecurities.

If I were trying to be mean I would have opened this blog by stating that early in your relationship, your girlfriend told me I was better in the sack than you were. I also could have given you pointers on the things she likes to have done to her (you should be very happy, she’s extremely freaky talented). Thirdly, I could have said that if your issues inevitably urge you escalate this, ask her for my address. She knows where I live. She came many times (see what I did there?).

But I didn’t say all that because I’m not a mean guy and I’m above childish behavior and retribution you punkass motherfucker. Oh, PS: please look into some sort of testosterone IV drip. Thanks. – Lee

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  2. thej85 says:

    LOVE the attitude display….just makes me wish my life was interesting enough to be able to write a letter like this!

    • sirtilc42 says:

      Oh, well thanks! I had a few friends who thought this particular post was a bit classless. I don’t care. I thought it had to be said. I wouldn’t call it “interesting” as much as it’s due to the fact that I’ve found myself in quite a few unusual situations due to poor choices!

      • thej85 says:

        The only truly poor choices are the ones you let others make for you. Obviously you made those choices at that time because in one way or another it worked for you at that point. Never look at life with regrets, you wouldn’t get to smart(er) or wise(r) without a not so smart or not so wise moment or two. And life is all unusual situations.

        • sirtilc42 says:

          That’s true. But these days I look back and I look at my sordid history with a bit of amusement and a bit of shame. I certainly had a more… eventful life than many. I’ll be posting some soon lol

  3. snarkysnatch says:

    Do they have testosterone IV drips? Perhaps that explains the surgence in douche-doo behavior types I have met lately. Great post! You will always get my attention with anything cuff related.

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