Horoscope: March 12, 2012

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The last month has been fucked up as fuck extremely trying and very stressful. I’ll elaborate shortly. I am, however, hoping to find the answers to all my questions via the Yahoo! horoscope.Quickie:
Your financial woes will soon be a thing of the past (Truly? I don’t even play the lotto), thanks to a generous friend (Oh, well, I had been considering a sugar momma or prostitution).

You’re feeling rather jealous of someone who’s close in some way. It doesn’t have to be a romantic partner of family member — even a colleague at work could engender dark feelings right now (hmm, no. I can’t think of anyone I’m jealous of. That’s a horrible expenditure of energy).

Your popularity is skyrocketing today (Yeah? I think I’m far more infamous than famous, but who knows) — people you thought didn’t even know your name are suddenly talking about you (Don’t let me catch you talking about me) and wondering what your next move will be (I can think of a few wondering what my next move will be but I’m far too abnormal, random and unpredictable for anyone to try to figure it out). Socially, you need to get out more often (Absolutely not. I’m getting far too old for weekends like this last one) and work this power as much as you can (Ah, yes. Power. I’m starting to feel drunk off of it already. Whatever shall I do with my new found fame, Universe?). If you’re single (I most certainly am), this is a great time for making new connections and gathering up phone numbers left and right (Really? I don’t even like being on the phone. And this reeks of drama. I’ll have to rethink this). If you’re in a relationship (Relation-what?), your partner is going to want to get as much time with you as possible (And there but for the grace of god go I..).

Daily Flirt:
Profits margins, gains, losses, buyouts — you’re too busy having fun to notice that you’re actually doing business (I’m not sure what kind of generic crap that was, but I don’t know what you mean). Who knew that on the job, the most important transactions would still be human relationships (Not at my fucking job)?

Daily Singles:
Being passionate doesn’t always equate to hugs and kisses. From time to time you can show your emotions with just a smoldering glance (Of course. I always let my coworkers know how I feel when I glare at them. It’s similar to approaching strange dog while it’s eating. I’m a master of communication). Let your body language do all the talking and suggesting (Yep. One glare followed with a choke hold coming right up).

Career & Finance:
A positive atmosphere in the morning (I would say more like ‘average’) will keep you swigging coffee (I do at all times) and busily typing away (Blogging perhaps?). In the afternoon, you’ll slow down and review your work with an analytical eye. You’ll judge yourself harder than anyone. (I’ll do some actual work in the afternoon, Universe. I had tons of other stuff  to take care of.)

  1. snarkysnatch says:

    Sometimes the best way to say I want to fuck you, is in a glance. Yes E-boyfriend… I am staring at you right now.

    • sirtilc42 says:

      Agreed. A look is powerful. You can communicate violence, love, disdain, sarcasm and lust. I knew you were staring at me. I got an e-boner. And I’m staring right back 😀

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