I read a blog similar to this and forced me to think about it. Yes, I stole an idea, but whatever.

Blogging makes me see my life differently.
Prior to blogging I would always laugh privately or with close friends about situations I found myself in, situations I caused or just happened to be a part of. Now any place I go or anything that happens, I find myself thinking “this is blog gold. they’re going to love this one.” I also get to actually tell my story: the good, the bad, the ugly and the uglier. It bothers me so little that I asked you readers to keep sending me questions. I never hide from the bad choices I’ve made, but I’m just as quick to point out how hard I’ve tried and continue  to try to improve.  I can drink at a bar, eat at a shitty bad restaurant and share my experience with thousands of people – even high school friends who I’m not in touch with, or people who didn’t/don’t like me (you fuckers read me too), family members I am not in regular communication with and even random strangers who I somehow managed to captivate long enough to read at least one story.

Blogging helps me try to understand my thoughts and feelings.
Despite the fact that I overcompensated for actually being painfully shy, I’m a bit of an introvert. My mind is racing all the time about things that happened recently or in my childhood. When I re-read the beautiful vomit canvas I’ve painted with my thoughts, find myself analyzing why I thought, did or said things. This shit is nearly therapeutic.

Blogging gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
 I write as I think. By that I mean that I tend to think and type without bothering to filter my content or language because it’s real. It’s ME. Of all the compliments I have received, by far the most valued and common is due to my honesty. Some of the people I read (and they ARE fascinating) hide their identities for different reasons. Valid reasons, but they do. They admire that I feel free to say anything about people, employers, ex lays girlfriends, or just my weird point of view on things without being ashamed or bothered. The second one is my sense of humor, and I appreciate that too. I unintentionally balance my humor between intelligent and sophomoric so I think it carries over well to a wider audience.

I can’t lie; when I look at my stats and I see 100 or 200 views a day or over 3,000 in the last month… when I see that I get visits from places all over the world.. well, it blows my fucking mind. I reached out and entertained, educated or shared with someone I never would have done so with otherwise. My blog says I love flattery. It’s true. But I’m humbled by the visits. I expected far less attention for it. I don’t post many of the compliments I receive because they’re so over the top that it would sound fake. Truly. Keep the comments on the blogs coming, the feedback, the questions and particularly the flattery  coming. In the end, I enjoy doing this anyway.

Blogging brings me closer to people. I live in Miami now. I’ve been viewed all over the world: mostly USA, but also UK, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary, Brazil and the Philippines… that’s just a few. Friends and strangers tell me they read me while at work or that they look forward to my posts. The other day I got a ridiculously humorous compliment stating that there’s always one line I’ll throw in a blog to make them literally laugh out loud so they no longer read me while in the office. I’m doing a virtual standup comedy routine and you guys seem to like it. Without my blog, I wouldn’t have as much interactions as I’ve had with some people I went to high school with and particularly strangers.

Blogging makes me a better writer.
Little known fact: I’ve written poetry since I was a kid. It used to make me so embarrassed that once I had finished the poem and was satisfied with it, I would throw it out. It has been years since I’ve written a poem and these days, I’d be likely to share it. Maybe. Blogging also reinforced the thought that it is not what you say, it’s how you say it that matters. There’s a lot of power behind that thought. And this in no way had anything to do with my high school English teachers. They sucked. Except one. But I won’t put them on blast.

Blogging connects me with people and stories that I never would have encountered otherwise.
In the same way that some people read my stories and some can relate, some are entertained, some may not like… It’s ok. Same thing happens to me. I read what others write and I get to live vicariously or be entertained. I get to be in someone else’s shoes for a moment. Speaking of shoes, I wonder if the guy with the shoe print has a blog. That would rock.

Blogging gets me attention.
No, I don’t have blog groupies yet. But I can’t explain how flattering it is to have someone who I never expected to read my blog to tell me that they’re “fans”. It’s an incredible feeling and we all know I like attention. Even infamy. I’ll keep you posted on the blog groupie thing.

I also blog because I KNOW you’re reading it and you thought I didn’t know. Yeah, YOU, motherfucker. I’m totally kidding. This was just too serious for my taste. Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Red says:

    No, your thoughts ARE normal. I mean, I can understand them just fine and I am perfectly fine. Right? Hmm. Well. Anyway, great minds think alike.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I enjoy reading your blog because it makes my thoughts seem “normal”…people around here are lame and just don’t seem to understand me at all. I know I can always log on here and find a communal friend. Plus you always make me laugh because you just have big balls and say what you mean and mean what you say.

  3. ayoliag says:

    Word! Initially I started blogging to get my thoughts out .. but in the end I’ve modified myself and write the true feelings in a word doc that no one will see till I die perhaps lol .. World’s not ready for my take on life I suppose.

  4. snarkysnatch says:

    Where is my E-boyfriend. I am in need of blog loving.

    • sirtilc42 says:

      Hello, E-Girlfriend! I’m right here watching from dark corners. I’ll put some work in, they monitor computer usage at work so I can only blog from home. How dare they.

  5. The J85 says:

    I will admit that I am one of the ones who look forward to your posts! Whoever said they can’t read your entries at work was right: there is always AT LEAST one line that has to be laughed at, most of the time because it’s so TRUE!

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