Horoscope: April 17, 2012

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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OK, my birthday is close by and I’ve had a few changes in my life. With that in mind, I have to consult the stars to see what’s gong on.

A charming new person catches your eye (is that so? i find so few people charming, though an old charming person caught my eye. old by chronology of association not age) and the two of you have some common goals (taking over the world? amassing a fortune? don’t most people have common goals if you dig deep enough anyway, universe?).

Team up today — the buddy system serves you best (buddy system? to do what? i’m more of a solo act anyway). Your great energy only blossoms when you are surrounded by like minds (or have coffee. either or. I’ll go with coffee), or at least in communication with one other person who really gets you.

Just because your fantasies aren’t real (according to whom? i mean, maybe they are.) doesn’t mean that they can’t affect your real life. Sometimes, your subconscious needs you to draw a map for it to follow. Get detailed about what you see — from the clothes on your back to the car you drive, imagine exactly what you want. Visualizing your life down the road is an excellent way to give yourself a goal to work toward. Try to have a more futuristic focus right now, and stop worrying so much about mistakes from your past. (I nearly fell asleep reading this paragraph. What a bunch of insipid, vague crap.)

Daily Flirt:
You have to keep your head down for now (hehe. I won’t go for the obvious joke)— things are just a bit too crazy, even for you (it’s never too crazy for me. bring it) ! If you chill out and do your own thing (as I tend to. I herd, not follow), you should be able to rejoin the world refreshed by tomorrow (I’ll be refreshed by today if I make it out to Starbucks).

Daily Couples:
If you’re not sure what to do next, ask a friend for advice (If you knew my friends you wouldn’t ask them for advice. Unless you plan on committing a crime; then you probably should). As an outsider they have a different perspective, giving them a realistic (*coughBULLSHIT*cough) view of every emotional element. They will help you tremendously.

Hey, universe… eat me.


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