Horoscope: June 28, 2012

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It’s my day off. I had a brief happy hour last night and if I’m up to it, going to meet up for some volleyball tonight. I haven’t played in years so I’m worried. Let’s see what the stars have in store for me.

Daily Year of The Dragon Overview:
You possess a powerful enthusiasm and vigor today (Maybe later tonight for volleyball. Right now I haven’t gathered the powerful enthusiasm or vigor to make coffee) and you’re in line for some special luck (The catch is in the definition of “special”.). Don’t hesitate to dream big in your ambitions.

Daily Overview:
You are more in tune with your local culture (Whatever that means)— whatever that means to you (I don’t know what that means. You’re supposed to tell me. I’m not in tune with a damn thing). It could be time to take in a gallery opening (not a bad idea), or maybe you need to get in touch with local food traditions (I’d love to, but I need to discover new restaurants. Miami is 98% Cuban restaurants).

Daily Extended:
Inspiration can come from some surprising people and places right now (I doubt that. People are pretty consistent in how they uplift or disappoint you. I expect no surprises). One of your coworkers or schoolmates will be a great source of it today (Coworkers or school mates? I’m not in class and it’s my day off. And I don’t expect inspiration from there either, unless it’s the inspiration to write a blog), especially in terms of your health or wellbeing. Someone is getting into darn good shape and making it look easy (Really? Haven’t noticed. I should try the crack diet). It’s time to revive your plan to get into better shape (Already in progress!) and remove some stress from your life (Oh, I’m working on this too. I’d like to be relatively stress free). Use this person as your inspiration to get back into a healthier routine!

Daily Love:
Is someone who’s supposed to be in charge suddenly acting out of character (Is there anyone else who is supposed to be in charge?)? Cut them a little slack. For all you know, they might be having a hard time at home (SO not my problem. Get your shit together. Or guest blog). If necessary, take over the reins yourself for a while (I always do, or at least try to. I just never give them back. It’s like a coup).

Daily Career:
You’ll bounce off the walls with a squirrelly enthusiasm that seems to come from nowhere (Well, that part is true. It does seem to come from nowhere because it IS nowhere. I wouldn’t say “squirrelly enthusiasm” as much as “walrus-like lethargy”). People may inquire politely about your caffeine intake, but really they’ll admire your seemingly endless supply of energy. (Fine. I’ll go get coffee, Universe…)


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