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Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

With 12,923 All time visits, I once again decided to monitor what brought you to my blog. I still scratch my head, though.

In order of popularity, these search terms have led people to my blog:

exorcist (how is this still my top search term? seriously. with all the knowledge and philosophy I impart, this remains the highest)
dead hamster (Truly baffling)
your mom (Your mom does not go away)
the exorcist (sigh)
mom (Your mom all over again)
donna jane watts
pager (You youngbucks wouldn’t know about this)
ernest ihioria (scam artist is probably not doing well these days)
sucker punch
dead hamsters (Come on!)
erin andrews feet (absolutely disturbing and it still sends chills down my spine)
sirtilc42 (NOW we’re talking! See, I know some people who claim to not read my blog and yet they have slipped and brought up topics I’ve written about. Fools, you may as well save me on your bookmark because when you search me by name or sirtilc42, I KNOW you’re reading me)

In order of popularity, these are the most popular topics people read about:

humor (I can’t blame you. I find myself to¬† be rather entertaining and hilarious)
sarcasm (I am a master of my craft)
relationships (I am a master of… oh, wait. Scratch that)
cheating & divorce (I am a master of my craft!)
sex (What is that again?)
dating & friends with benefits & fuck buddies & bad date
marriage & friendship (That doesn’t even go together…)

In order of visits, these are the countries that read my bullshit:
USA (but of course)
Canada (Hello, Canadians! I visited once!)
United Kingdom (I know two people up there! Hi, ladies!)
Germany (Who are you?)
Philippines (And you!)
Jamaica (Represent!)
South Africa (It’s likely the scammers! I got you!)
Australia (Fly me over there!)
Panama (Finally!!)

  1. kmercado20 says:

    Cut Erin Andrews a break. Her feet looked bad post DWTS, but I’m sure they don’t look like that now lol

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