Article: Libido Boosters: Fact and Fiction

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I found an article that I’m certain is filled with crap. Let’s take a peek.

It’s date night. Should you serve oysters? Ask your significant other to feed you clusters of grapes (Good luck with that. Bikini clad women serving you grapes and fanning you with palm fronds are likely not on the menu)? Are chocolate-covered strawberries worth the effort? And should you swap out that little black dress for a red one (I likely do not look good in a dress, though I hear I have nice legs)?

There are a lot of rumored libido boosters, but only some will actually help you get in the mood. We’ve separated the fact from fiction below (As I shall separate fact and fiction from the asinine)

Libido Booster: Oysters
Mostly fiction.

In theory, oysters contain testosterone-boosting iodine and zinc, and trace amounts of amino-acid-interacting “triggers” that should boost libido. Here’s the catch: you’d have to down about fifty of these famous aphrodisiacs for any real benefit (How much of a benefit? If 50 oysters does the job I’m force feeding someone). Binging on seafood is hardly attractive.

Pumpkin seeds also contain that libido-boosting zinc. Fun note: pumpkin pie and lavender are listed among the most arousing scents for men; so eat the seeds and make a pie! (Arousing scent for men? Men get aroused if you look at them for too long)

Almonds, walnuts, arugula, and avocados are better food choices than raw oysters when it comes to eating for your sex drive. Even better? Cook your romantic meal together. Foreplay begins in the kitchen (Or car. Or couch, etc)

Libido Booster: Chocolate
Mostly fact.

Just make sure that it’s dark. Studies have shown that dark chocolate increases the levels of feel-good dopamine and its bioflavonoids open up blood vessels to improve blood flow (heh).

Should you choose to dip strawberries in that chocolate, the natural sugars in the fruit will give you a gentle energy boost (Which it sounds like you’ll need)

Dark chocolate and peanut butter is another combination to consider. The monounsaturated fats in peanut butter can heighten sexual arousal in women (Word? I’m dipping oysters in peanut butter and chocolate! Who wants?).

Libido Booster: Alcohol

(This is a no-brainer) Mostly Fact-if you order red wine (Anything with alcohol works).
A drink can reduce anxiety and help relax on date night (Sure can. And you lose inhibitions and become easy), and studies have shown higher levels of sexual desire in women who drink a glass of red wine daily (Get to drinking, ladies!). Researchers suspect the red wine’s high levels of polyphenols widen blood vessels and subsequently allow for increased blood flow to key arousal areas (Funny. I always suspected it was the polyphenols. Glad I satisfied my suspicions. Courtney drinks red wine all the time. hmmm).

Be careful, however. Too much alcohol can act as a depressant and can dampen desire or impede sexual performance (Speak for yourself. I’m strong like bull), so stick to just a glass or two.

Libido Booster: Garlic

Sort of fact-but not if you’re the only one eating Caesar salad.

Garlic contains allicin (And bad breath), which can help with the blood circulation necessary for an erection (Boing! I don’t need this. I need something to even me out. Sounds like this would leave guys like a door stopper). Because of this, it has long been used as a natural remedy for impotence. Garlic’s physical-endurance-boosting aspects won’t necessarily trump bad breath with your date, however, so dine with caution.

Other cooking flavors have benefits too:

Saffron relieves pain and tension  (for the more experimental); its picocrocin content can also boost skin’s sensitive to touch (Screw that. I’ll rent a hooker). It may be an expensive spice, but it’s worth it.

Chilies’ capsaicin also stimulates nerve endings and speeds up your heart rate (So will getting laid).

For more libido boosters, visit DivineCaroline.

  1. Stephanie says:

    That explains a lot… At least now I know what to cut out of my diet. 😉

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