How to deal with an introvert spouse?

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This Q & A immediately struck me awesome and I’m sure that it could use professional advice so I decided to weigh in.

Question: I need help to understand my introverted fiancée (You mean she’s not a freak or she’s boring?). She does not speak with me at all and I run out of things to talk about (Run for the hills, homie. She’s not all that into you). We don’t talk much when we meet (Are you rich? It sounds like she doesn’t like you) and I am not sure about what she is thinking (Ask her? Then again, she seems to ignore you). I have asked her on many occasions and have always encountered weird responses like she is not feeling good (Or feeling well. Maybe you have a lack of ability communicate.) to talk or she does not talk much. What should I do?

Answer: In general, introverts do not express as much emotion as extroverts (Is that right? Is that why there’s the INTRO and EXTRO part? I’m calling the newspaper). Although they don’t express emotions such as happiness, anger or excitement (Huh? They’re introverts, not psychopaths) it does not mean that they are experiencing it at all. Although dealing with introverts is not easy (You should have picked up on it while dating. Was it the same? Because if so, you should be quiet. If not, then she’s not into you. Sorry) you can quickly adapt to the situation by accepting her for who she is (Not if that’s not who she was in the beginning). Tell her that you appreciate everything about her (Only if you mean it. Evidently you don’t) and would love to have her open (*snicker*) up to you so you can understand her better. It might help to read more about introvert personality (Yes. Be a home psychologist for your spouse. That ought to go over well) but it is better to let her get comfortable with you (That should have happened PRIOR to her being your spouse.) and opens up to share her life (Um.. your life together, actually. It’s no longer just HER) and problems with you than discussing this as an issue right away. It is all about striking the right balance and also remember the old adage which says that “opposites attract” (Adage.. this applies to magnets). Love means acceptance, introverts and all (Now you make them sound like lepers). If you feel that she is not outgoing it is quite certain that the feeling will only grow over time. Try to spend more time with her (In silence) and give each other space at the necessary times so your relationship can grow over time (WHAT TIME??? They’re friggin’ married! They already sold their soul and peace of mind! I mean.. They’re happily married and devoted to each other.. ahem). The only way to make her feel comfortable and talk to you about her problems is to encourage her to express herself and listen to her when she does (It sounded like that’s what he did. Dude, its’ time for an upgrade. Does this apply to the sack too? Nobody likes a dead fish. Find yourself a freak).


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