Boxing: Sergio Martinez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As a boxing fan, I yet again have to put my two cents in.

First of all, I’m not buying this fight. I refuse. I would rather go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch this. It’s incredible to me how far Chavez, Jr. has gone simply by having a famous father. Did you know that Chavez Jr. is making twice as much money as the Pound for Pound ranked and recognized Middleweight Champion, Martinez? How about the fact that Chavez has a belt (which was discarded by Martinez)?

Anyway, here are the stats: Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. 46 wins (1 draw and 1 no contest) 32 wins by KO vs. Sergio Martinez won 49, 2 losses, 2 draws and 28 wins by KO. The fight will take place at 160 pounds. Both are fighting at their weight.

Edge: Chavez
Note: I put little validity in the records as I mentioned earlier. One look at Chavez’s fights shows you no names that I recognize. Not one. The highest ranked people he has fought were #7 and #8 in the division.

Height: 5’10” 6’0″
Edge: Chavez
Note: Chavez has a tendency to make the 160lbs at weight in and come in to the fight weighing significantly more. This should not be allowed to happen, but it is.

Reach: 75″ 73″
Edge: Martinez
Note: The reality is that neither one of the two are recognized for being great boxers. Of the two, I think Martinez is a better, more seasoned boxer.

Power: 52.83 vs 66.67
Edge: Chavez
Note: This is difficult because Chavez has not fought a name guy yet so gauging his talent is extremely tricky. What I do know is that if I had to choose, the edge goes to Martinez. If you don’t agree, see what he did to Paul Williams.

Now for the things that I actually DO think are important when choosing a fight winner.

Edge: Chavez
Note: The reality is that Chavez hasn’t really fought any top guy, but Martinez has a horrible habit of fighting with his hands down. He does it on a regular basis. I can’t give the edge to a fighter who doesn’t follow the basic rule of protecting yourself at all times.

Edge: Martinez
Note: There’s not a huge speed difference but Martinez has faster hands and combinations.

Edge: Martinez
Note: Martinez is surprisingly accurate despite his hands being out of position. Chavez isn’t too bad, but not quite with the degree of accuracy as Martinez.

Edge: Martinez
Note: Martinez has gone the distance, trains relentlessly and is always in great shape. Chavez’s training is questionable, he has struggled with lesser fighters (although in fairness, he did win) and the fact that he comes in weighing so much more than at the original weigh in indicates to me that he has to struggle to make weight and in order to do so, cuts weight. That’s draining when the fight is long and tough.

Boxing IQ:
Edge: Martinez
Note: Martinez has fought bigger, better and badder fighters. Period. Not only that, but I believe that Chavez has ZERO amateur background. Although the amateur records don’t apply, it gives fighters significant experience. Martinez also can adapt to a fighter better than the inexperienced Chavez.

Edge: Martinez
Note: Martinez is a beast and a warrior. Chavez is a fighter. Nothing wrong with that, but there’s a big difference. Martinez has been cut, knocked down and never stops fighting. Chavez has not been tested and it’s the wrong spot light to test heart. I have no reason to believe Chavez has that in him.

In the end, I think that as long as Martinez shows some respect for the young Chavez’s power, we are looking at a 10th or 11th round KO win by Sergio “La Maravilla” Martinez.


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