OK, ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to try something just for the hell of it. It requires your participation so I  hope I get it!

I want to try and have a minor contest. I want guys and girls to take a photo holding something that reads: sirtilc42.wordpress.com. The coolest, cutest, funniest two will get their choice as seen below.

I do, however want to post what photos I get (if I do indeed get your asses to participate). Make it fun. I will close it on October 18th at 9:00 A.M. assuming I get your participation. Email me to: LOLIVARES@BELLSOUTH.NET with your photo.

Men Muscle: Large or Medium

Men Tank: Large or Medium

Women Tank: Medium or Small

  1. mike parker says:

    i like them all, but for those of us who live in northern climes, id suggest a hoodie, im partial to zip-ups but thats just me. ball caps might be cool too.

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