Horoscope: September 28, 2012

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End of the week for you, but I work tomorrow. Life is weird so let’s see what will happen:

Year of the dragon:
Are you ready to sign on that dotted line (Nope. Last time I signed something on a dotted line I wound up with a wife)? Something’s going to become official today, so prepare to commit (It’s because I’m a notary). Whether it’s a relationship that’s moving to the next level (bwaahahahaha relation-what? I can’t even spell it) or a business deal you’ve been negotiating for months, it’s time to move forward in a big way (hmm it IS time for my performance review).

Your deep emotional intuition (It’s almost Yoda-like) is boosting your mind-reading powers today (I’m like a brown Professor Xavier), and while you may not develop spooky ESP, you can still divine facts about those you know well (Oh, I have. I break down and analyze and have figured out intentions and deceptions from a couple of people. Sucks, but to each their own) . Listen and learn!

Today you are finally coming to a deeper understanding of a task that has been particularly challenging to you (I’m not entirely certain which because I have a few. Personal as well as professional. I’m surprised I still have hair). You’re getting a handle on things and feeling more and more empowered about what you need to do. This will be a wonderful day for you (We’ll see about that… today appears to be just business as usual)— your power is growing and it feels very good. You are starting to think that you could pretty much overcome any obstacle that comes your way. And you know what? You are absolutely right (Then bring on the obstacles. I’m a bit out of shape so I can’t deftly hop over them. I can bulldoze them, though).

Your flexibility is all you really need to make good stuff happen (flexibility like what? feet to the ears?)— but it’s harder than you think (Man, in this department it’s always hard. I gave up)! Bend over backward a few dozen times in a row and you’ll see that sometimes stiffness is underrated (*snicker)!

Acknowledge what a current or prospective sweetheart is going through (I’m sorry. I don’t have a prospective one and certainly not a current one). Even though they may say it’s not much, this transition period is rougher than it appears. Lend your support and they’ll truly appreciate it (I’ll keep that in mind if I run into a prospective or current one).

Career & Finance:
You can be flexible about some things (Again, flexible?), but when a project isn’t progressing, it feels right to put your foot down. Don’t. Keep your head down instead and just keep working (I can put my foot down AND keep working. I rule with a gentle, blood-soaked,  iron and spiked fist).


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