Horoscope: November 14, 2012

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I’m feeling GOOOOOOD today.

Year of the Snake:
Teamwork is the name of the game (For what? I’m a bit of a solo act). You should get a burst of inspiration to collaborate with an old friend or business partner (Collaborate? We rapping?). The project you currently can’t complete is easily finished with this person’s help. Don’t be afraid to say, ‘I need you.’ (I need you. To read my blog.)

You aren’t always jealous (I have nothing to be jealous about. Screw you.)— but when you are, things heat up fast! You may feel like asking more of your partner (Whom?) or best friend, but make sure that you’re not just testing them. Who likes that? (I don’t do tests or games. That’s for playgrounds and STD centers)

Your passionate nature is coming out in full force today, and it will come in handy (I often have it referred as intensity). You might want use it to come to the defense of someone who has been judged incorrectly by the crowd of people you hang out with (I’ve been laying low so I’m not sure what crowd that is. Neither am I feeling like Captain Save’a’ho). Like a superhero (I told you), you can sweep in and make everyone see how wrong they were about this person (I’m a retired super hero. You’re on your own). Show them that by respecting and even embracing the unique qualities of other people (I always do! It’s the differences and flaws that make people interesting and beautiful! Except in my case. They make me strange and scary), they can challenge themselves to become better people (Oh, hell no. Not everyone wants to be a better person. Sometimes people become worse. They’re on their own. Again, not Captain Save’a’ho).

You’re feeling pretty hardcore about some new business idea or something equally big time (I AM. I’m stoked and frightened about a move). You may want to pursue it to the exclusion of all else for a while (Please. I can  multi-task)— but save time to enjoy life (I will have to do that sometime)!

For such a steady soul (Not sure I’ m steady in any way), you’ve also got a deep well of passion (Sure. I’ll roll with that)— and something (or is it someone?) (It ain’t someone) is likely to provoke intense feelings now (OK, but not necessarily good feelings). This could get very interesting, very quickly (My life tends to become interesting often. Sometimes good sometimes funny sometimes bad. Never boring. Bring it.).

Career & Finance:
A fisherman who stingily refuses to replace broken equipment and torn nets ends up busted and broke, telling tall tales rather than selling big fish. Be the sleek businessman who knows when to invest (A cynical person who makes fun of astrology without pointing out how stupid this fortune cookie paragraph was is not funny. Konichiwa, bitches).

  1. Barbara says:

    STOP….collaborate & listen… 😉

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