Horoscope: November 16, 2012

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End of  the week (For you.  I work tomorrow – dicks).

Year of the Snake:
You have an urge to indulge yourself right now (I’ve been indulging. Nasty food, booze, smokes. Time to straighten up), but it’s time to call on willpower to help you resist (Yep. Agreed. It’s time! I wish I could work out too, but my elbow is still acting up and now I have to do therapy sometime). Keep saving for the things you want, but don’t splurge on them if doing so will tear a huge hole in your wallet (Blah. There’s not much I want. I can’t think of anything).

A financial issue is making life a little weirder today (Oh, it’s been making life weird for a while now)— but you’ve got the right kind of mental energy to track down what’s wrong and get things back on track (I’m trying, but damn. It’s hard). It’s a good day for budgets!

Don’t take any financial risks today — they are not likely to pay off (I don’t like many financial risks in the first place. I guess a date is a financial risk too. You never know if there will be returns on your investment). There is too much uncertainty involved in this new venture, and you need to play things safe. Personal relationships are getting too entangled in your private financial business and you would be wise to get some distance from your friendships and your investments (I always do. Those things just don’t mix). Listening to the advice of your friends is one thing, but do it too often and you could find yourself getting angry when things don’t pan out (Angry? Moi?).

Don’t let anyone talk you out of your beliefs today (Oh, please. I lead. I don’t follow and I’m certainly not easily swayed to do shit)— though some will try (They always try, but I don’t bend or fold). You’re too idealistic (Not the first time I heard that and I disagree), so stick to your guns (Always do. I ride the train to the fucking station) and act on your instinct (That usually doesn’t end well). Let the skeptics criticize your decisions: You know what’s right for you (Well, I don’t really. I just try).

Be cautious when it comes to romantic matters (I learned that lesson. Have no worries. I approach those like I’m diffusing a bomb). If there’s something you can’t quite pinpoint that doesn’t seem right, now’s not the time to press forward regardless (Hell no. I’ve been around and learned. Pretty flowers cover up the dirt. You can’t ignore red flags). If it’s worth it, it can wait (Ain’t shit worth it in that department. Life doesn’t wait. If it’s worth it, you wouldn’t have to wait).

Career & Finance:
There’s no trick of the trade you don’t know by now. When you get to work, energy just flows (word). There’s nothing like those feelings of accomplishment, so enjoy them before you move on to something new (And that I shall…).


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