Well, I’m at work on a Saturday.

The issue is that I did all my work yesterday. Every ounce of work I had I cleared out. Saturdays tend to be the day things go wrong and I have to go around putting out fires. Today, of course, was different. I have been at work since 7:40 A.M. and I have had absolutely nothing to do.

I was nice enough to buy my employees pizza for lunch (there went my healthy eating again). Other than that, I have loaded up on coffee and am still tired. I can’t have more coffee. My pee smells like caffeine.

Other than that, a friend of mine dropped by to say hello on her way to the pool. I met her boyfriend (who strangely enough was nice, we all know my aversion to meeting strange guys) who happened to have read and enjoyed my thought regurgitation known as my blog. He referred to me as royalty for it. I almost wanted to go to Party City and get a scepter.

Funny enough a trend continues. I had a conversation with a friend and an employee going through breakups. At this stage I have a conspiracy theory that someone put some shit in the water. At least I remain single. Can’t catch relationship drama that way! Well, that’s not entirely true, but still. It’s less probable.

The most exciting thing that happened to me was when I went to water my herb garden (I’m not gay) in the morning, I realized that my other desert rose bloomed again. A friend wanted to see photo evidence of my newly discovered green thumb.

It’s now 1:27 P.M. and I’m dreaming of a happy hour of some sort. I would have liked to meet with a friend later this evening for wine, but she’s a little indisposed. I refuse to just go home, though. I don’t care if I have to rent a friend, I’m grabbing a drink post-slavery.

I also sent this post to a co-worker who in turn showed her boyfriend who thought it was fantastic and that I was crazy. He was right on both counts. I only copied and pasted the text. I didn’t think she should read about my ideas for leaving. Dear employer, if you read this and you read that I’m moving.. um.. it’s a blog for entertainment purposes? Or something like that. I need a P.R. Agent.

Anyway, I’m sitting here also thinking how surprising it is that the year has nearly concluded. So much has happened this year. It went by like dusk to dawn (totally stole that and if you didn’t catch the reference, we are not in the same demographic). I can’t WAIT for the year to end. Although today my friend sent me a text message sharing her personal thoughts about my moving out of Miami.

Funny. The day I said I was leaving I received an unusual amount of texts and phone calls from people I hadn’t heard in a while. Coincidence? Nah. But they didn’t ask for information, they either pretended to not know or were trying to see if I’d offer information. I would never just offer information. Work for it, motherfuckers.

PS: Of course, I can disappear! I pull Houdini’s with the best of then, darling! Thanks for the support and honesty, though! You are one of my all-time favorites! 

  1. kmercado20 says:

    Your friend is right about leaving. But being that if things don’t turn out right, I am getting the hell out of dodge, I just go ahead and introduce myself as the pot. There is something to be said for starting over in a new city. It gives you a little boost and it opens the door for amazing opportunities and possibilities. On another note, I may be going to karaoke tonight (https://www.facebook.com/events/492222127478967/), but not too late since I have to be at a volleyball tourney in the AM. Just an idea for you and your rent-a-friend 🙂

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