Lee’s Hot Friends: Lisabel

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

A while ago I had my Facebook status listed as “I have the hottest female friends on Facebook”.

I realized that I had some friends on here that were really hot, interesting and intelligent. I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t get to share them with everyone. Sharing is caring after all.

I decided to spot light a friend on occasion and ask them a few questions for your reading pleasure. And my own. I decided to start this with a particular friend because not only is she hot, but she has always had a bit of a cute wise ass attitude that I always loved. I know her from WAY farther back than I will confess. (Let’s see if this prompts a few of my brave friends to volunteer-here’s hoping)

Lisabel Cherie Elsea Herrera Sanchez Morales Martinelli (okay, so I added a few extra names but I’m hispanic so white people expect that…lol) (Damn. That’s a lot of names even for a Hispanic person!)

Lisa cause no one can say my name right Lisa – Bel(you know like ding, ding, ding bell..haha) and oh yeah in high school Blue Balls…I have no idea why (I don’t know. I’m going to go out on a limb on this one…) O-o

Between 5’3″ and 6″ – depending on day and mood. The higher the heel, the closer to God. Haha!

Eye color:
They wrote the song “Brown Eyed Girl” about me. (Awww!)

Where are you from:
Paradise aka Panama, the Country, not the beach in Florida.

What do you do?
I work in payroll?? the girl who never got an A in any maths in school! Ha, life is funny. (I hear you. I’m actually responsible for PEOPLE. I don’t even like people. And some would say I’m not that responsible)

What do you do for fun?
Live! Everyday is fun for me and everyone who is around me! Haha! (We should hang out)

What’s the geekiest thing about you?
I don’t know about geekiest but I may be kinda immature for my age (Likewise)– I love all the Twilight books and movies, I still watch all the crap reality shows on MTV (Shame on you), and I watch Spongebob Squarepants way too much! Oh and I have Beiber fever (WOW)!

What is one thing all guys do that they shouldn’t?
I don’t think I can generalize…every guy is different (Different and yet oh so similar).

How would you describe yourself?
Crazy!! Fun!! passionate (get your head out of the gutter I mean with everything I care about), the best friend you will ever have!

Isn’t Lee the greatest?
Lee ?? The same Lee who tormented me in high school?? Haha! (You don’t know how many times I hear that and I don’t remember a thing. I was a dick)

Have you read Lee?s blog, and if so, what do you think of it?
Totally love Lee’s blog (Thanks, Lisabel!). It’s fun and honest and real deal (Some have said too honest, but isn’t that the point). He’s inspired me to start my own blog (Wow. Inspirational and all. I need a TV show. Like a brown Oprah. With a penis).

Do you have any story about Lee you’d like to share?
Who doesn’t (That’s messed up)? Haha. All I know is my group of girlfriends were still in high school and we hung out with the cool college guys…Lee and his homies. They were ruthless! Haha (I remember! The beach trips were always awesome).

Relationship status?
Single and on a dating and relationship sabbatical for the next 6 months (Why exactly six months? That’s odd)! Sorry boys I am focusing on me!

Is it the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean?
I will be straight up honest here (Good because some of them have lied!)…I have been with small, very small, tiny, boats and I say size matters (FINALLY), girls gonna lie but size matters. You can teach the muffaga how to motion in the ocean. Haha! (And some of us find it to be a talent)

One hidden talent?
Hmmmm..honestly I have no idea…lol.

Describe your perfect date:
I think your friend said this on her question…but who dates anymore (Certainly not me)?? I can’t remember the last time I was on a date? Guys don’t take girls on real dates anymore. WTF (I would, but women are trifling)?

Have you ever been arrested?
I have been arrested once and it was not too bad…why you ask…I was hammered and didn’t even really know where I was! Haha. Ooops did I share too much? (WOW. I want to know more!)

Favorite movie and/or book:
favorite movie:Oh gosh I have so many favorite books and movies and different tastes. I am pretty open to anything but I love comedies the best. I love to laugh.

Do you have any tattoos?
I have many tattoos. Wouldn’t you like to know where?? Haha! (Yes. And with photographic evidence)

Little known thing about you?
I’m really not that tough of a chick. I’m kind of a crybaby. I cry at the drop of a hat….but can smile the next minute…oh wait does that count as a talent?? (No. It doesn’t. But I have two broad shoulders 🙂 )

Worst job you ever had?
Kmart in the shoe department in Key Largo, Fl! My summer job when I was 16! Ugh!

One thing you would change about yourself?
I am too emotional! People mistake this for being weak but TRUST I am one of the strongest people you will ever meet:) (Plus I got your back. And your front. And side. Heh)

Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth?
I can do better things with my mouth…haha! (Such as? Tell me!)

Boxers or briefs?
As long as they are clean and they aren’t tighty whities! (I bet I can rock tightie whities. Not really)

What do you think of pickup lines?
Corny as fuck but very funny when I am at (huh?)

Pet peeve?
Liars! Cheaters! (Mine too! Liars are the worst)

Which of your boobs do you like better?
I hate my boobs I wish I was flat chested so I could wear all the cute tops and didn’t have to wear two sports bra while doing cardio! (It’s like that? I wanna see. I name one of them “Lee” from now on. The left one as I’m right handed)

Give me any message to the readers?
READ LEE’S BLOG AND PASS IT ON! LET’S MAKE HIM FAMOUS! (Awww! Thanks!! You’re sweet. I like infamy. It suits me better than fame because I will not behave just to be mainstream!)

  1. lisaelsea says:

    By the way I meant to say pick up lines are funny when I am out and about! Lol!

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