Horoscope: November 21, 2012

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Year of the Snake:
Don’t be afraid to pull some strings in order to get what you want (That’s what strings are for. I’ll pull them all. As long as it’s not a tampon string. There you’re on your own). As long as you’re not being unethical about it, it’s okay to call in favors (Nah. I stick with my ethics and morals as best as I can). After all, there’s probably a reason you deserve some help — you helped others when they needed it, right (I always try to help when I can. Even to those undeserving of it. You’ve got to live it to feel it and I’ve gone through enough things to want to help.)?

You can’t see the future, of course (No. My mutant power is sarcasm, not being clairvoyant), but you can plan for the likeliest possibilities (I always plan and have a back up plan for the first plan and a backup plan for the backup plan). Today is perfect for checking in with your people and seeing what can be done about tomorrow’s big events (What big events? I’m staying the fuck home. Chilling at The Barn).

While you may not be able to see the entire picture right now, you are going to get all the information you need today to keep you feeling positive about the future (I’m uncertain about the future. Not positive or negative). One of the best parts about today will be the fact that finally, you’ll be able to get rid of an annoyance that has been driving you nuts for a while (As far as I know, I have gotten rid of my annoyances. I had a friend abortion with a clothes hanger). This annoyance could be a thing — or it could be a person (Oh, it was a person). Regardless, the stress in your life will be greatly reduced by the time your head hits the pillow tonight (Why? Are you bringing wine?).

You’re prone to little outbursts if things don’t go the way you want them to today (Some people claim I do that all the time, but they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about)— and that’s sure to happen at least once or twice (I avoid it). Do your best to avoid getting too upset or things could spiral out of control (I’m afraid of my temper. I have done pretty well at not getting too upset. I’ve also not been around those that upset me easily).

Who’s behind creating the unrealistic expectations and impossible time lines regarding your romantic life (I was. But I don’t any more. I haven’t been able to completely wash out the bad taste in my mouth from my last relationship so I don’t have time lines. I’m too afraid of running into the same type of person)? Hey, remember that old song about how you can’t hurry love (No. I don’t. I’m too manly)? Hum it to yourself a few times today (Hum this).

Career & Finance:
You’re feeling the effects of too much duality (I often do). Acting professional is a must (Sadly, yes), but if the difference between your private and office persona is too great, you’re bound to fall into a chasm (I’ve lost track of it anyway). Walk carefully (I walk with a lean).


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