Blah blah and more blah.

I’m a bit of a sports fan so I’ll start with that. I read that boxer Hector Camacho was shot. From the description of the incident you knew it was a hit. It wasn’t random. Turns out there were 10 bags of cocaine in the car. Case solved. I mean, it still sucks that he went out like that, but that wasn’t going to end well. Too bad. Although I hated his boxing persona, he was a good boxer.

Speaking of boxing, I watched the Ricky Hatton comeback. I’ve watched Hatton for years and the only time I rooted against him was against Floyd Mayweather. His beating of Kostya Tzyu was incredible. Hatton’s story was emotional and hard not to get dragged into it. After losing his last two fights by knockout he fell into depression and drugs and attempted suicide a few times. He managed to get better and wanted to return and win a title again. He lost by knockout due to a body shot. It happens. It’s how Bernard Hopkins beat Oscar de la Hoya. You could, however, see quite a bit of ring rust from Hatton. He kept jumping around in the ring and being left out of position. His timing and accuracy were way off. Despite that, he hurt his opponent on a few occasions. He should have had a softer opponent.

Other that that,  the Miami Dolphins won. It seems they win when they’re supposed to lose and lose when they’re supposed to win. They’re not Super Bowl contenders, but as long as the Jets aren’t going, I don’t care. Plus, the Jets got their asses handed to them by New England so I got that satisfaction as well.

All is not good, however. Forget the fact that I’ve been moody lately. Shit happens. I went on a 6 mile bike ride and am hoping to get back on the exercise track. I quickly found out, though, that my elbow still pops. I am going to try to lightly work it out tomorrow, but it’s not looking good.

I was going to meet up with a friend in a little while but I went to fold my clothes first… only to find that my dryer is not working. It heats, but doesn’t spin. Needless to say, I don’t have the expendable income for a new one. All this time I thought I was doing laundry and now it smells a little damp. What a pain in the ass.

Oh, yeah… my oven doesn’t work. I’ve had to cook on the range or microwave. It happened to me similar to the dryer. I put in chicken to cook and went to watch TV. When the timer beeped I opened the oven to no heat and raw chicken. I need to go out and live in the wilderness, I think.  My appliances are plotting against me like the Terminator. This blows.

I had to laugh at these things. Oh, well. At least I’ll meet up with my friend for a while and pretend my appliances work. Unless I can come over to your houses and wash my clothes. Just please don’t judge me for the underwear. It’s what is inside that counts.


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