I thought I needed proof.

Many people have the wrong impression about me. This is mostly my fault. I was a total dick growing up because I had a bit of a.. complicated past originating from when I was a kid. I also know that I look serious and angry even when I’m not. I try to consciously not do that, but I catch myself often. Aside from that, I’m lightning quick with a sarcastic comment or doing/saying things for shock value. It’s usually all for fun, but I’m a bit misunderstood. Lately I post fairly negative things not because I’m necessarily a negative person, but because I FEEL it. The ability to properly speak my mind is a blessing and a curse.

I consider myself to be a fairly generous, nice, caring, affectionate, sweet and silly guy despite all that. Although those on my Facebook have already seen my photos, I thought I’d share some as proof to quell misconceptions. I used to be into sports (always #42 which everyone knows is the answer to everything), love to be silly in public, love kids and try to have fun as I can.

In addition to that, I like to talk about myself.


Give me your damn input!

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