Horoscope: November 28, 2012

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A friend told me she didn’t like my horoscope posts. I still love her, though. (30 secs. my ass)

Year of the Snake:
You’re feeling confident today (I am feeling a tad bit invincible), but tone down the cockiness (Make me). Sarcasm might not go over well (That’s OK. It’s an art and as such will be interpreted differently), as people will take what you say quite literally. Be sensitive to your audience, even if you don’t understand them (No. Make me).

Entertain yourself today — it’s easy (How? Are you coming over?)! You may find that your energy lends itself to silly little games at work (That keeps us from going insane) or at home, or to just blowing off responsibilities entirely! Have fun at any cost (At ANY cost? Don’t fuckin’ tempt me. I’ll wind up arrested).

Getting your emotional health in check is always important (Uh oh. this is the tricky part), but it’s even more important now — you need to balance things out and get a better sense of what really matters and what you should let roll off your back (I know this, I just haven’t controlled it). You’re already feeling happy about your life (meh), but once you start sharing your affection with friends and family members, your happiness will grow exponentially. So spread the love (*snicker) and pass out hugs like they’re going out of style (No hugs. I’m not touchy feely like that).

Pass along a little sweetness to someone who totally deserves it (Who the fuck is that?). You can make sure the world is humming a long a little better just by sprinkling some random acts of kindness (I try to, but people always piss me off).

You’re happy and you know it, so clap your hands (That’s so stupid)! The noise should be deafening as you keep up the applause, and those around you now are drawn to your energy. You’re at your hottest, and everyone can see it. (OK. No. I’m not clapping and I’m not at my hottest – although I worked out yesterday. Can you tell?)

Career & Finance:
You and a colleague are doing a duet, but just what kind isn’t exactly clear yet. You are birds of a feather, and not just because you flock together. Mine this new alliance for all it’s worth (I always do. I’m calculating).


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