I think I’m getting too old.

Well, today is my day off. I woke up unusually early (even for my insomniac standards) and immediately went to make coffee and let the dogs out. As I drank my coffee I watched some TV, went outside to smoke, finished my show, curled up and went back to sleep. I couldn’t believe I did that.

I woke up a little before 11:00 A.M. and decided I didn’t want to spend the day doing nothing and feeling down. I opened up all blinds and windows and doors and started to clean the house. First of all, the house has never been dirtier.. and I’ve been here since 1997. I had let it all just kind of continue looking dirtier and dirtier. In fact, when I’ve had friends over, I had either hung out in the exterior of the home or just apologized beforehand… instead of cleaning up.

In a way I found that the conditions of the house were a bit symbolic to my state of mind and emotions. This one I could control though. I went section by section, storing things I thought were misplaced, disposing of items I thought were useless, sweeping, mopping… to the point where I moved every piece of furniture out of the way in order to clean underneath them and put them back in their place. Roughly after 4:00 P.M. I had completed the cleaning. It now looks and smells great. I’m not finished, but I’ve started and it has made a difference.

I then started tinkering with my A/C which was leaking. That became an exciting moment because I dismantled the PVC pipes without paying any attention to how they were connected. It became a rather urgent game of jigsaw puzzle. Turns out I’ll need some Draino, but that kept me busy as well.

Finally after that was done, I went out to my two new herb gardens so I could pick things out to cook. You can see the result below, but to keep it healthy I got lean beef and cut it up and stir fried it (in PAM) with vegetables. From my garden I threw in cilantro, sweet basil, jalapenos, and spicy oregano. Turned out awesome.

I’m far under my daily caloric intake so I’m headed now to Buffalo Wild Wings for a drink or two. I earned it. I’ll do a brief weight work out first and then shower, change and bounce. Yesterday I did my cycling and it went great. Hell, I explored the neighborhood and when I was ready to go home, I made a wrong turn and wound up pretty far away. I laughed and dreaded the ride back. It was a good pain, but wasn’t easy. Felt great when I completed it. I’m on a good path. Too bad I work tomorrow and Saturday, but it’s all good. I’ll do my best to keep it from letting the usual stuff upset me there.

On another note, a good friend is having a house warming party. I immediately accepted since she has been down lately and I think it’s a great idea for her to play hostess and have fun with friends. Once I agreed to attend I realized that I won’t know a single person there other than my friend, who obviously will be playing hostess and won’t be able to tend to my strange behavior. See, this takes me far out of my comfort zone. I immediately became mortified at the thought of an apartment full of strangers and myself. I will go regardless, but I tend to grow on people. I don’t know that I make great first impressions. Maybe I’ll break the ice by stuffing a sock down my pants. Just kidding. Sigh… I shouldn’t be allowed to go out in public.

I’m still making progress in my move. A few decisions have been made and it has now become clear that I have some items I must take care of with urgency in order to not delay the trip. This will be my focus this weekend. Who better to plan something that requires timing than someone who has borderline OCD?

No worries. I’ll keep you posted on my relocation progress, if anything interesting happens at Buffalo Wild Wings, my friend’s house warming and if I stuff a sock down my pants or not. Maybe I’ll wear spandex.


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