Just in time for the holidays

I know that in the past I have posted something similar. Despite that, I wanted to touch base with you guys again. Now the that holidays are approaching, I mention the story about a friend whose father never purchased a gift she liked. He then told her to create an amazon.com wish list and add the items she liked and he would select what price range he chose to gift her. It worked well for her so I have used an Amazon wish list for a long time now. It eliminates guess work and crappy gifts.

My Amazon wish list can be found by clicking here. That is so that you can see what the wish list looks like as well as making it easy for you fuckers to buy me a gift. See? Easy. Also, Amazon has a great app for your phone where it scans the bar code on the box and shows you the prices available on Amazon for comparison. It’s great. I use it to find products I like and then purchase them at a cheaper price. I last used it to buy a phone case that was priced at $34 and I bought it new on Amazon for $12.

Another little tool that I use (which I was put up to by my brother) is a site called Mr. Rebates. This site has links to products and companies and offers rebates of varying sizes for purchases. Sometimes it’s as small as 2-3%, but it adds up and it’s still money. I once made a purchase of a television this way and got a nice chunk of change. Here’s the link for you to register with me as the referrer.

Shop.com is another site that uses comparison for you to be able to do smarter shopping. You input the product and it shows you the prices on other sites. I question the accuracy at times, but it’s not a bad tool.

Ho, ho, ho, bitches.

  1. Barbara says:

    You have…butt pad enhancing boxer briefs on this list…

    Is this really necessary? 😉

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