Saturday, December 8th, 2012 Juan Manuel Marquez fights Manny Pacquiao for the fourth time.

I have long been of the thought that the previous three fights were not scored correctly. I finally got the chance to re-watch all of them and I scored them.

The first fight was amazing. You rarely see a fighter down three  times in a fight, much less in a round, and survive. I think Marquez was not prepared for the speed of Manny’s punches. He learned that lesson very quickly. Despite the knockdowns, Marquez didn’t just coast through the fight. He made it competitive. In fact, my scorecard had Marquez winning by two points DESPITE 3 knockdowns! Marquez has a skill that allowed him to adjust quickly and has an incredible accuracy.

photo 1

Official scorecards had:  John Stewart (115-110 for Pacquiao), Burt A. Clements (113-113), Guy Jutras (115-110 for Marquez)

The second fight had Marquez fighting almost the same style, but he emphasized the body shots and upper body movement. Pacquiao on the other hand, began adding a bit of the jab he moved away from. Marquez now did an annoying (yet successful) thing where rather than move out of the way, he blocked punches with his own punch to move them out of the way. If Manny was just a tiny bit faster, Marquez gets put to sleep for that tactic. Again, Marquez won more rounds, but knockdowns always change things.

photo 2-1

Judges scorecards: Duane Ford (115-112 for Pacquiao), Jerry Roth (115-112 for Marquez), Tom Miller (114-113 for Pacquiao)

For me, the third fight was closer than any other. At this stage, I think Manny added more skill to his arsenal and it showed. He was far more one dimensional in their first fight. However, there hasn’t been a fighter in the last 10 years who has done to Manny what Marquez does. Nobody stands the way they do with Pacquiao and remains conscious.

photo 3

Judges scorecards: Dave Moretti (115-113 for Pacquiao), Robert Hoyle (114-114), Glenn Trowbridge (116-112 for Pacquiao)

Now as for the fight prediction. I have a few issues here. I’m a huge fan of both fighters. I was in awe when I saw a young Manny Pacquiao dismantle an all time great in a prime Marco Antonio Barrera. I know Manny fought Erik Morales, but although Barrera vs Morales were close fights, I always considered Barrera to have a vastly more complete arsenal. Manny was not supposed to handle Barrera like that. That’s how I knew the guy was special.

Juan Manuel Marquez became mainstream when he fought Manny. Prior to that, he was an absurdly talented fighter that only boxing fans knew about. He has a good punch, incredible accuracy and is as tough as they come.

There are two problems with Marquez for this fight. Yet again he is going up in weight to 147 to look for Manny. There’s a great possibility that Manny will be stronger as that is the weight he rules (other than the Mayweather fight that doesn’t materialize). In fact, if you look at the rankings for that weight, I dare you to find one name that has a real chance of beating Manny. There is none. My decision for the winner is due to the fact that in the weigh in, Manny came in at 147 and Marquez at 143. That tells me that 147 is clearly not the weight for Marquez. You’re supposed to lose weight FOR the fight, not eat UP to the weight.

The only catch to this is if Manny has lost a step. If he lost a step, that’s all Marquez needs to win. Marquez is older, but Manny depends mostly on his speed to be successful. If you see him slower in the first round, expect a blowout by Marquez. If Manny hasn’t lost anything, I hate to say that I expect Manny to win by TKO. I will be rooting for Marquez all the way, but this fight ends by an 8th round TKO in favor of Manny.

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