Got a little lost in thought today.

My first order of mental business was yesterday trying to analyze the upcoming boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. It was tough, not as a fan, but because I despise being wrong. I like to make predictions, and I LOVE when it plays out as I anticipated. This fight was tricky to make a prediction for because there are some intangibles that will directly impact the fight. I’m a man of my word, so I’ll stick with my prediction.

These days I’m getting a ton of phone calls. I don’t mind a few, but I’m not a big fan of speaking over the phone. I have some friends who seem to LOVE to be on the phone all the time. Hell, I will only enjoy a long talk if it is a significant other. Currently there’s just a few insignificant others and I’d prefer to be tetxted (and not a mass text either) than hold a conversation.

Also, recently I have received a couple of, shall we say, private photos from people. I always am available to view your nudity. Thanks. I appreciate it. I mean, what really matters is what is on the inside, but that’s in a breast case scenario. Chest kidding. I can’t believe I said that. Either way, some of you are super hot. That made my day.

Moving is slowly progressing. I’m still concerned about a few things that aren’t clarified. I can’t go without feeling prepared. This is not the type of thing I can just wing. I’m also wondering what would happen if in a worst case scenario I am unhappy and want to move elsewhere. Where would I go? How would I get there? I’m a bit concerned and terrified about that possibility.

Also, my friend is throwing a house warming party. She has gone through a lot lately and I’m happy to say that I have tried to be there for her as she tries to go through the process. Two things nagged at me about the house warming party.

1. I won’t know a single person. I know I speak a ton more than I should and I don’t seem it, but I kind of close up when I’m around a bunch of strangers. I feel uncomfortable. Lately I’m trying to get myself out of my comfort zone so I will absolutely go anyway. I just hope I don’t clam up, put my headphones and zombie the fuck out.

2. It came to my attention that an ex (who treated me like shit and lied as well) was invited to the party. I debated long and hard if this should impact my decision to attend. The problem is that I already committed to go.  I asked The Oracle who stated I should apologize and not attend. The rationale for it was that I would be concerned on whether or not that ex would go and wouldn’t have fun. Then, if the ex did show up, I’d have that concern and wouldn’t have fun. Valid points, but I chose to ignore The Oracle on this one. I determined that I would be present as my friend wants me to and if that ex shows up, I simply would not acknowledge her and just politely excuse myself and leave. Fortunately, though, I was told she would not be in attendance, but at least I had a plan.

I’m still having issues with my elbow. It still pops and I have a slight discomfort at times. My friend, a physical therapist, is concerned about a possible tear. I hope not. I now have to do physical therapy for my insurance to finally approve an MRI as I completed the anti inflammatory medication insurance required of me.

I’m also debating on something borderline philosophical. For quite some time I’ve noticed that the nicer I’ve tried to be, the worse people seem to treat you. It almost seems that people find it to be a sign of weakness and appear to want to take advantage of it. It has been that way in a few aspects of my life. I prefer the way I am now. It limits the stress and drama, which I want to move away from. Lately, though I have started wondering if just going back to being an angry prick (which allowed me to get my way more often than not) is the way to go? I’m unsure. Let me know what you think!


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