Truth or Dare

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ever played Truth or Dare? I always alternated between truths and dares because I can answer all questions shamelessly and take dares because I wasn’t afraid of anything.This all changed when I received an email (as you know, I sometimes get questions and comments to: LOLIVARES@BELLSOUTH.NET).

Hey, Lee! You’re always mentioning that you’re ashamed of having hooked up with many girls in your sordid past. I dare you to say how many people and give names. Even if it’s first names on your blog!

WOW. You know, thing is that this is likely the only thing that really makes me ashamed and embarrassed. The thing is that although I was living at the time when people were proud of how many girls they hooked up with so I went out of my way to make sure I was getting around.

I cared little about broken hearts, accountability, responsibility, respect and honesty. Now, having said that I can name names with a 90% accuracy of even chronological order (though there are names I don’t know and at times simply never got to know).

The thing is that I do care about broken hearts, hold myself accountable for my actions, I try to be responsible, respect (for those who earn it) and I try VERY hard to remain honest. For a self aware person, all it takes is for someone to return the favor to you. Once that hits you right in the face you get the choice to either continue to be callous with a vengeance or you understand that people’s feelings aren’t to be messed with.

As you mentioned, yes, I could easily give you a list of first names. The thing is that some names are pretty unique (and many are on my Facebook). Not only that, in my worst moments, some of these people were, shall we say, in varying degrees of NOT being single. I don’t mind putting people on blast who deserve it, but I can’t just put someone on blast for having had the amazing experience of having sex with me. Sorry. This time I will have to bow out and keep quiet. You win!


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