Horoscope: December 17, 2012

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I have a few minutes to type in between meetings!

Year of the Snake:
You’ve come a long way since the beginning of this year (I don’t know. Doesn’t seem that way. Maybe a bit). Today, sit down and jot down some of the accomplishments (You know what? I should try that, though I’m not sure I’ll like the outcome). Once you see just how much you’ve experienced and grown, you’ll be more motivated to end the year with a bang (Hey, I posted a blog that said that! I will purposely end the year with more of a whimper, though.).

This is not a good time to rock the boat — though it may feel as if it needs a bit of rocking (I don’t try to rock any boat. I just do what I think is right)! Try instead to just go with the flow and make sure that others do the same (more or less) (Screw that. People don’t try to go with the flow. Most people are out for themselves).

Your life is more intertwined with other people’s lives than you realize right now (Everyone’s life is), so don’t think that your actions won’t have domino-like repercussions (That’s why I try to steer clear of negative stuff in my life these days. I want no drama, but I’m ready to bring it if I have to). The choices you make, from how much eau de cologne to put on in the morning to where you do your grocery shopping, has an impact on other people. So be cautious about where you vent your frustrations — and how you vent them (Fuck that. If I vent my frustrations on you it’s highly likely that it’s because YOU fucked up. Actions and consequences.). If small things make a difference, then big things like anger could do a lot of damage (Then don’t get me angry. I try to be drama free and curb my temper, but if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it).

You can make the day go a lot more smoothly if you’re willing to entertain the possibility that others are right and you are wrong (I’m always open to that possibility, but I am so absurdly thorough that the odds are not in favor of that). It’s mostly little stuff, but it might mean a lot to you (Little things are important and have big impact. Or they can, at least. But big stuff makes a crater. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, prove that I’m wrong).

Part of maturing is being able to see where you were responsible for some of the wrong turns in your romantic road (Oh, I know clearly where I was. I know which things I did wrong, which things they did wrong, which person was the wrong one to waste time with and which hearts I’ve broken). Your future prospects look better once you realize how much you can influence events (Well, future prospects must look better if the past ones are ancient history, no?).

Career & Finance:
Problems in the office could get caustic if you let them. Avoid slow and steady conflicts and unexpected outbursts alike by keeping to yourself. Behold: The beauty of the cubicle. (I already had to put the hammer down on two people. One was nasty style. If you want it, you got it.)


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