Just some items running through my head.

My mom is in town from Hawaii. It’s been great to see her. Needless to say, you don’t get to see people who live on the other side of the world very often. She did however, put me to work and I pressure washed everything around the house except the dogs and myself. I guess you never get too old to be told what to do. It was a good 4 hours or so of cleaning, but I’m thrilled she’s here. I was also put to mow the lawn so I think I did my workout for the rest of the year.

We did go to my mom’s favorite place to have some coffee and another place for her “must have” pastry when she’s in Miami. I always look forward to that when she’s here. I’m pretty sure that my caloric intake for the month was consumed in one day.

I was thinking the other day about writing. I couldn’t put my finger on it and it finally came to me. I now have a project I’m looking forward to. I’ll keep you posted on that, but I’m hoping I can put it together well. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

I also have a blog post  I plan on putting together. A bit heavy, but I think it’s necessary. I haven’t had time for something like that one, but I hope to have it soon.

Well, I had some time off from work to see my mom, but I had to go to work Monday since there were some things in my department that I had to take care of. The entire day was nothing more than meetings and a conference call with a brief lunch. I’m not a fan of regular phone calls, much less conference calls. In fact, I don’t like meetings either. Emails are better. Not only can you have things documented that way, but you can be in pajamas and making faces while you respond.

Aside from the meeting, I felt a bit of mutiny again in the office. I think specific people may be testing me. I brought them right back down to earth. I swear, if you’re too nice to people they can’t help themselves but to try and take advantage of you. They should have thanked me for not flipping out though.

As for my move: keep you posted.

Anyway, I sent out the nastiest text message to some ex-friend inresponse to some things. I mean, I put venom and rage into it. I really have concluded that I simply do not understand most people. Most people seem to live in this little world, like a child. Id-driven. It’s all “me, me, me, me” all the time. I guess I used to be that way, but I look down on it now. I can’t comprehend adults seeing the world in such a basic, blind way.

As for sports, I didn’t even bother watching the Dolphins. I don’t even know if they won. I think I broke up with them temporarily. Maybe even through 2013. Dolphins: It’s not me, it’s you.

Nonito Donaire is simply the absolute truth and the future of boxing. I know Arce was no young guy, but he was supposed to brawl a tough fight. This kid has talent. I can’t wait for him to get up to higher weights.

Anyway, I have a full week. Meetings, appointments, office party; name it I have it. I can’t wait to get this week out of the way. In the last couple of days I haven’t been feeling well either. I’m starting to get a little concerned. I get suddenly light headed and dizzy. To the point where I actually get concerned I’m going to fall or pass out. Hopefully it passes. Anyway, just a little update. Hope you fuckers are doing well.


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