Horoscope: Friday, December 21, 2012

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It has been a long week!

Year of the Snake:
You already know what you need to do, so do it (Agreed. I already started doing some tough things that needed to be done. Now I need to put down a concise list and work on them. I intended to do so today or tomorrow). Right now, the only thing stopping you is the fact that you’re getting in your own way (That is very true. I’ve been doing it for quite some time, but I’m through doing that). Get things off the ground while your creativity is still running high (Oh, I will. Plus I have a little fun project that I wanted to work on. I’ll be doing that shortly though it will take some time. I think my peeps will like it).

Someone is pushing back on you so hard that it feels like they’re trying to bowl you over (There’s always someone who tries to test. Always. I stay away from trouble but if you try me I’ll respond)— but don’t despair! Things are looking up in the long run (I sure hope so), as long as you can weather this temporary storm (I’ve tried and it has been tough but it appears I’ll be ok. I just have to get my mind off vengeance).

New beginnings are not always marked by commencement ceremonies or starting pistols (Agreed. Sometimes all it takes is a glass of scotch and a smoke with some introspection. Perhaps a brief conversation and a clear understanding). All it takes to branch out in a new direction or get that side project finally off the ground is you! Stop waiting for the green light — there isn’t going to be one (I know. I kept waiting for things to right themselves, but that was wrong. I will make things happen and I’ll shed the negative in the process). Right now, you need to move forward on your own. If the funding you’ve been waiting for is nowhere in sight, don’t let that stop you. If your partners haven’t materialized, forget them. Everything will soon fall into place. Get going! (I don’t know if things will fall into place. All I know is that something has to give as long as I’m trying)

Your sense of self is really strong now — but you might be the only one. It’s a great time to make art (My blog is art, though I want to learn to paint on canvas) or to take in someone else’s vision and see what it has to tell you about your own life (Someone’s vision of my life is pretty irrelevant. You have to live it to feel it).

If you’re waiting nervously for a certain cutie to get back to you (I’m not. I mean, I have a little lust on two people, but that’s it. Besides, it’s unlikely to happen so I push it out of my mind), try casting another line or two. They’re not necessarily moving at the same pace, so you may try to find some other fish in the sea (In this cesspool? No, thank you).

Career & Finance:
Don’t let others treat you like their own personal volunteer. You don’t mind helping others selflessly, most of the time. But you’re also out for your own gain, at least some of the time (Right now I’m out for my own gain. Being too selfless is a flaw and has a fine line which I don’t intend to walk for a while).

What happened to the end of the world?? I’m sitting here waiting for it to end and it turns out I still had to go to work. Also, as for my project, it’s a writing project. You’ll find that I will have to put a few names on blast in the process so take this as a fake apology beforehand. I gotta do what I gotta do.


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