We all know I’m not a fan of the holidays.

I get tired every year when people think this will be the year that I act differently. They fail to see that in my eyes, they’re now part of the problem. I fight the fight every year. Guys: Every single year will not, in fact, be the year I change. I’m unlikely to and thinking that you’re helping by accosting me turns you into the villain in my perspective.


While I’m setting ground rules, do not send me mass text messages. Not for birthdays, not for Thanksgiving, not for Christmas and not for New Years. If you can’t take the time to write me personally, don’t bother sending me a mass text so that I’m stuck getting the replies of all the people I don’t know or care about.

Anyway, on the night of December 24th, I worked and I went home. I did very little other than dishes and watch television. I spent the evening hours sitting outside on my front patio smoking and drinking while listening to music. I wasn’t alone, though. I had some good company. My stray cat came to get his Christmas meal and after he was done, he sat next to me on the floor. And there we sat for a few hours. Thinking about 2012’s ups and downs. Introspecting, so to speak, together. You could totally tell my cat was thinking too.


On the 25th I needed to distribute presents so I spoke with my brother and headed to his place. My nephew was excited to get additional presents. I spent pretty much the entire day there, brought burgers and beer and just chilled. Eventually my other brother and sister joined us as well. Although I wasn’t feeling festive, I was impressed with the lighting on the community my brother lives in.


After that I went home to take a look at my gifts. I got 2 Blu Ray flicks: Expendables 2 (I love mindless violence), a reggae CD from Yellowman  (I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to reggae) the latest Batman cartoon (I’m a documented comic book geek) and a cool book that says “The Olivares Name In History.” I bet I’m royalty. Or a thief.


I also got a book written by my favorite author, Dean R. Koontz (I have tons of books by this author), pajama pants (PJ pants and Ike Turners are my uniform if I’m home. If I’m dressed).


I also received an engraved mug that says “#1 Uncle”. The issue is that my younger brother got an identical one. How can there be TWO number ones?? There can be only one…


I generally don’t like any type of surprises, but I received a surprise  gift which was a bike rack. Now I can actually go cycling elsewhere other than my neck of the woods.


I do confess that  there were periods of time where it crossed my mind that I wished I was in a good relationship to share those type of things with. Then I remind myself how my last two relationships went and I don’t feel as bad. Hell, I have a new friend who doesn’t contact me, but comes when I call, doesn’t ask me for a commitment and more importantly, knows when to leave. I think that’s the most honest interaction I’ve had with a female in years. She’s always down to ride my one-horse open sleigh. Merry Christmas, fuckers!



Check out the funniest thing of the holiday. My sister bought my nephew JJ (Bob D) some little drums. Bob D and I had a rock out session. The video is a little long, but wait for the end where he improvises and flips out and rocks out. It was hilarious.

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