Just a minor update.

As you know from here I have had a little frustration with cafepress.com and some douche named Luis de Ycaza in Panama. I emailed the person from cafepress named Lindsey Moore because I dispute that one of the designs violates any kind of infringement laws as it only shows dots and lines. That was a bad judgement call and must be corrected. The quality is low, but this is the one I’m referring to:


In fact, I wrote Lindsey Moor twice and never heard back. I also wrote the douchebag Luis de Ycaza to tell him what I thought and never heard back. I’m guessing the idea was for me to be ignored like a petulant child and go away. Wrong. I searched for additional emails from cafepress employees and decided to express my frustration. My email goes like this:

Hello, Lindsay. It’s me again. This will be my third email regarding this. As none of my previous emails were responded to, I decided to find other people who may be more inclined to be helpful. 
You brought to my attention that some whiner named Luis de Ycaza complained about some designs I had violation infringement laws. Fine. I get that the use of the flag or slightly altered can’t be used (I guess the only crooks can be local?), but this is one of the designs that was removed. Unless there is someone who owns a line and a dot, I absolutely refuse to accept your judgement call that this qualifies under that description. 
If this were to be accurate, any design that even remotely resembled something else even just by colors would fall under that. Perhaps someone else can see your error. Your dedication and quick response may be admirable, but your judgement is lacking. 
I expect a response to this email and I also fully expect this design to be back up on the site or a proper explanation needs to be given to me as to who owns red and blue dots and lines and where I can find proper documentation of ownership or red and blue dots and lines. Please try to reply via regular text so that I can keep my blog readers posted on what the outcome of this will be here: https://sirtilc42.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/panama-beef-2/

lmoore@cafepress.com, ddurham@cafepress.com, kmellor@cafepress.com, amaniatis@cafepress.com, syoung@cafepress.com, mcull@cafepress.com, jschmidt@cafepress.com, apopal@cafepress.com, tlotrecchiano@cafepress.com, ssridharan@cafepress.com, mjain@cafepress.com, support@cafepress.com, tdooling@cafepress.com, kyang@cafepress.com, ngadacz@cafepress.com, Ldeycaza@presidencia.gob.pa

* Turns out that all you have to do is make some noise and suddenly the lady who has been ignoring me decided to write me. I’m far from satisfied, but here is what she wrote *

Lindsey to Lee: We are in receipt of your January 10, 2013 email regarding the content pended in response to the Republic of Panama’s cease and desist notice.  We apologize for our delay in responding to your concerns.  Unfortunately, we are not in a position to reinstate the content at this time. Please note that the rights at issue in this matter are not based on U.S. law, but rather the laws of the Republic of Panama.  As merely an intermediary, we are unable to provide you any advice regarding your designs and suggest that you contact an attorney who can provide you information on intellectual property law as it relates to the trademarks, symbols and copyrights of the Republic of Panama. We also encourage you to reach out to the rights holder to discuss their claims.  We have again provided the contact information for the rights holder below so that you can reach out to them to discuss your concerns.
Lee to Lindsey: I figured you would suddenly be in receipt of my January 10th email. What about my December 3 email? As you’re just blowing me off, it’s clear this was not a “delay”. You must get angry emails frequently and just thought I’d go away if you ignored me. 

I am not satisfied with your uninformative response. Why is it that you are not “in a position to reinstate the content at this time”? You clearly state you’re the intermediary; by implication that means that when the Ycaza character complained, a review of some sort have to be done to validate his claim. WHO evaluated the design and in what way did it violate the laws of the Republic of Panama? If this is the case, is it correct to infer that the Republic of Panama owns red and blue dots as well as red and blue lines? If so, please let me know so that I can personally scour through cafepress.com and find red//blue dots and red/blue lines so that those can be removed as well. I do not mind assisting you in doing so as it prevents violation international law.
Thanks for the suggestion that I contact an attorney for international law, that sounds completely feasible. That’s sarcasm. YOU removed my design. I want to be explained what makes it dots and lines intellectual property. I have reached out to that whiny Ycaza, but of course he hasn’t replied either. You and I both know you won’t receive approval from the “rights holder” because there is not one person on the face of the planet that owns the rights to dots and lines. Let’s exercise common sense, Lindsay. You were overeager and overstepped. Making mistakes is normal, but you need to correct your mistake or explain this to me properly. I have had things in cafepress for years with no issue so I expect to treated properly and fairly. Somebody needs to give me an explanation. And if this loon somehow convinces you he owns lines and dots, please I will personally go through and forward you other stores that have dots  and lines. See, I’m from Panama too and if I would hate for someone to violate the sovereignty of my birth country. I would do so with the expectation that in the same fashion that you canned my design, you would do so to them.

Give me your damn input!

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