Horoscope: January 21, 2013

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So far it’s looking like the year is going to  be an exciting one and full of change.

Do people REALLY believe in this crap?

Year of the Snake:
Today could be a bit odd (Every day I breathe is odd), and you might not feel connected with others (I generally don’t feel connected. It’s a bit scary. Almost socio or psycho pathic). So if someone in your life — your spouse (Pardon me?), your boss, your BFF — seems a bit moody and hard to please, don’t engage and problem-solve for them (I’ll give anyone a hand, but I’m not Captain Save A Ho). Stay centered and take care of yourself (I am. I am).

Try to indulge your artistic side today (I’ve been DYING to. I really need to learn to paint on canvas)— it’s in need of a good workout! You feel terrific (I wouldn’t say terrific, but I’m feeling pretty good these days), and you probably have more to say than you realize (I certainly hope not because I tend to not know when to keep my mouth shut), so grab your favorite tools and get busy on your next masterpiece!

Your new-found happiness can bring joy to a lot of other people today (Is that right? I don’t socialize enough for that to take place). They appreciate this good news almost as much as you do, you know! So spread the good word and let everyone in on what has been making you smile lately (I have some amazing potential stuff that I hope come through. I’m prepared either way). You’ll be amazed at how supportive they will be (Supportive? That’s irrelevant. I am not in search of support or understanding). Reaching out to other people like this connects you more closely to them (No thank you!)— and it ensures that there will always be someone there to reach out and share happiness with you some day (That’s great, but unnecessary).

It’s one of those days when you need some extra time to ponder all the implications of each event (I do that with everything so that’s not unusual. I wish I could disconnect my brain from analyzing every detail). Fortunately, you should get it — your great personal energy pretty much ensures it.

You need to get your errands done, of course, but there’s some much hotter energy on tap for you, as well. Get the mundane stuff out of the way, then take some time to get out, meet new people and simply enjoy (No. Leave me alone. I’ll go out and chill, but meeting people is not on the agenda for now)!

Career & Finance:
At first, you won’t look forward to the hectic day ahead. But once things start rolling, a smile will edge its way onto your face. You’re doing what you love (Is that right? I don’t quite think so), and anyone can see you how much pleasure you take in it. (Shut the hell up. I’m trying to find work elsewhere)


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