LateLee February 2, 2013

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Well, since I won’t have access to a computer for now I figured I would try to update.

I’ve been going out a bit lately. Mostly on my own. There’s a certain tranquility to  be found when I go out for drinks alone and I don’t have to interact much. On one of the occasions I did go out to socialize, I hit the dive bar I had gone to recently. Prior to that I went to my old hangout spot Sharkey’s at Bayside. Until I saw this and finished my drink.


I headed to the dive bar. I had to laugh because my friend wanted to hook me up with some girl that night. It appears some people may be worrying about me not seeking a relationship. The first thing that happened was that  I met an attractive friend of hers. She must have been aware prior to meeting me because she introduced herself by giving me her name and following up with “..I’m single”. I introduced myself and followed up my name with “I’m single too.” She said “Oh, I think you and I are going to get along really well.” We laughed and I stayed where I was just chatting to my friend. A little while that girl said “Oh, shit. My boyfriend is coming.” I looked at her sideways and asked her if she hadn’t told me that she was single just a few minutes ago. Her reply was simple, but direct: “I’m not married..”

See, I’m not looking for a relationship right now. By far. I’m also not looking for drama with someone’s boyfriend, girlfriend or husband. Been there and done that back when I thought I was more invincible. I can’t fathom the idea of actually having a physical altercation with someone over THEIR girl. Not me. I prefer to be left alone. With this in mind, I did not interact with the girl anymore.

I did meet a few other people through my friend (who at this point had enough to drink and left). The new acquaintances wanted to go elsewhere to continue the party so we did. I had a good time, though it was too packed for my taste. After that everyone went their own way.

Well, almost everyone. I had a particular person get some interest in me and she decided to pay me a visit. My vow of behaving well kind of fell apart. A few times. Very nice girl, but a few things were said that pointed out to me that there may be feelings involved which don’t allow me to continue without hurting someone. It’s just as well, though. I can return to my vow of behavior now. I must confess, though, that it seems that if my skills in the sack appear to be nearly a mutant power. Ask around.

Anyway, I still have a hurt elbow, but fortunately for me I know one physical therapist and he happens to be a good friend of mine. I’m now walking around with a brace on my arm and trying to stay on top of the exercises he recommended.


I am currently and very actively pursuing a new job. Once I get out of my current one I can get into details of what caused me to head in a different direction after 4+ years. You’ll get every detail.

For right now, I found a job that I’m very excited about. I absolutely qualify for it, may be a little closer to home, pays significantly more than my current job and it gives me a new start and new challenges. I’m always ready for that. I have had a phone interview with the HR Director (as their home office is in Utah), someone from Management and later the VP of the company. Now they have me doing a personality assessment to see what management style I have. My paranoia says that they found me weird and want to test if I’m normal or if I pose a danger. Either way, I hope I  get this job very quickly. I would love to put in my two weeks notice. That will be something I post because I’m considering giving them a letter and being very vocal and critical, but who knows.

As for today… it’s now Saturday and I’m at work. Sadly earlier today I spilled an entire large cup of coffee on my lap. Fortunately I had a change of clothes in the car, but I’m unaccustomed to being so dressed down for work.


And that’s it for me. For now.


Give me your damn input!

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