Horoscope: February 11, 2013

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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New week, new outlook, new plan. Same lame superstition.

Year of the Snake:
Beware of your tendency to malice (bahahahaha! Moi?). If you secretly accumulate grudges against people (Only when they deserve it. They should know who they are), you may be tempted to take your revenge (Nah. People like that wind up getting there’s but it won’t be through me. I keep my hands clean). Hyperactive and hyperenergetic, you’ll do many things at the same time (Word). The day will never be long enough to allow you to carry out all you want to (Ain’t that the truth). See the big picture and ignore taboos (I always see the big picture and learned to stay a step ahead. Taboos don’t exist to me). From now on, lead your love life in your own way, without worrying about what people say (My what life? Hell, I don’t see myself getting into that arena for a very long time. I’ve seen and lived too much to have much desire to venture into that).

You and your people (Who the hell are those?) are on the same wavelength today (Anyone on my “wavelength” requires medication), so make sure they hear from you just how happy you are with the situation. Things are sure to get even better for all of you if you stick together (I operate better as a solo act)!

The day ahead of you is a big mystery (Every day is), so try to take each hour as it comes and see what happens (As long as something happens). Let the day unfold as it unfolds, and try not to push things in any single direction (Oh, hell on. Every cell in my body will try to derail that train to my liking. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth the effort). It might feel a little weird to have no idea of what you will be doing later on in the day (Oh, please. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in 30 minutes. I live in that), but it sure will be fun finding it out! And if this day is already scheduled down to the minute, that’s okay, too. Just make a note to leave a free day in your schedule the near future (A free day for what? I want to stay busy. The busier the better. There are adventures to be had).

You’re feeling pretty crazy today (And yesterday and tomorrow), thanks to a bunch of changes that all seem up in the air (Wow. That’s finally right. And I look forward to the ┬áchanges). If you can pull yourself down to earth for a sec, you should see that it’s just the way the world works.

Other people’s luck is rubbing off on you now, so surround yourself with those who can just follow their nose to pots of gold (So it’s good luck by osmosis? Senseless)— romance-wise and otherwise (Here we go again. No romance. No love. No relationship. Leave that alone already. Maybe when I’m 40 the vile taste of relationships will have faded. I’ll get back to you)! The power of positive thinking is tremendous (Really? That’s a lie. That gives you fake hope and sets yourself up for disappointment. Realism works best. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best).

Career & Finance:
Give yourself just one more day to consider the possibilities (I don’t need a day. I already know). All the restless energy you’ve stored up can be put to good use in the coming weeks. Use it to get things done. Sometimes that momentum is the key to success (I intend to. I’ll try to not hurt my stupid elbow but I’m getting back into cycling even as I try to get my elbow back to normal [it isn’t])!


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