LateLee: February 10, 2013

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Seems like it has been ages… only 8 days, really.

Well, things aren’t TOO different around here. All you can do is dance to the tune.

My hair is long. It’s starting to look like some type of hair helmet. I’m going to have to get that done tomorrow. I’m at the point where there isn’t enough gel to control the growth of hair. Like a 70’s porn.

I joked on Facebook that my life no longer had a chalk outline around it. Truth is that the previous person who had the privilege of viewing my temple was just something I didn’t quite want to do. I went back to keeping my hands folded on the desk and keeping them to myself. Wouldn’t you know it? I eventually made a new friend and got to know each other rather well. The problem is that these days I’m just too fucked up well behaved. The instant I noticed my friend starting to get feelings I freak out. I can’t keep doing it. I try to simplify and I’m not about hurting people, even accidentally. I mean, she knows I am not looking for a relationship, but I can see where it’s going and I have to stop. I don’t have a phenomenal body, but I do phenomenal things with it. I wonder if there are classes to be bad in the sack. Totally not kidding. Maybe one day I’ll have a relationship. Maybe. I confess I find the idea of it rather frightening. The Vagina People are just too complicated for me and after my last 2 relationships how do you put your hand in fire when it burned already? No thank you.

Next week I hope to have an update on this potential new job. I have been in regular contact with the potential employer and everything seems to be going well, but I desperately want to get this job. A new start in that part of my life is way overdue. I have a level of frustration and disdain for my employer that I need to get out as soon as possible. I swear that if this job doesn’t go through I’m willing to take a shitty job in a mall kiosk just to be able to leave where I’m at. Yeah. Like that.

As for me, I still have my ups and downs. I get my moments when I disappear for a few days just so I can get peace and quiet and try to get out of my mood. One day that will pass. Today for example, I was asked to go hang out by two people but I just ┬ácan’t. I gave the lamest excuse and am staying in.

My iMac is nearly dead. These damn things are too expensive so I’m sticking with it until it has it’s last gasp. Too bad because I had someone asking me regarding some design work that I haven’t done in ages. I thought it’d be a good thing to get back into, though it has been ages. I’d love to get into photography as well. It has been even longer since I’ve done that. We’ll see. Step one is hopefully getting this new job and that can be the start of something good.

I’m still in Miami. I anticipated leaving by March but after consulting The Oracle I stayed for at least a year. I’m still unsure how I feel about it. One side tells me it’s a great challenge to get the list of things done. The other side wants me to disappear and truly start new. It’s too simple. I have to stick with the challenge and see how that turns out.

I’m kind of staying out of trouble. Other than one day I have been doing well. I just consider that a slip and keep moving. Won’t happen again. I find that I’m a bit more tolerant these days but I still occasionally let things boil over and I have lost my composure. It’s now few and far, so I’m pleased. I’m fairly certain I’m on the straight and narrow.

As for my more personal life, I have minimized contact with quite a few people. I’ve made a couple of new friends and keep some others at arm’s length. People tend to be shady or only around when they want/need something so I’m conscious. Also, I’m still (surprisingly) on good terms with the ex wife. I mean, that never prevents me from making ex wife jokes, but still. Sometimes people actually manage to surprise me (and it’s not bad, which is shocking). I mean, not too long ago I would have put car tires around her and lit her on fire, but not anymore (that’s another list of names for that though).

Finally, I have to make a call tomorrow to do some course(s) so that I can go back to school and wrap up my degree. I’ve wasted quite a bit of time, but it appears that most things are moving in the right direction. Hopefully my next few updates will include the beginning of good changes and knocking things off my list. As for tonight, I’m going to go eat, shower & shave and get ready for work. After I blog. Because I know you missed me.


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