Yes. I lack creativity.

So I’m sort of nervous about this week and also looking forward to it.

I interview a candidate first thing in the morning.
Contact the place for my courses to get my ass back in school.
Wait and hope to hear from the potential job (they said I would hear back either Friday or early this coming week!)
First day back to cycling.
Cook (I cook in advance so I don’t have to do it daily, but I know when I need to)


Straight work day and catching up as I have fallen behind on my projects.
Hopefully I will have an interview scheduled with my potential new job.
Exercise my elbow (physical therapy)


Another straight work day. A little pressure because I’m off the next day so I have to tighten it all up.
At night I stay in as I expect to wake up the next day.
Cycling in the evening to burn off energy.

My day off. As soon as traffic dies down I’ll get in touch with my inner geek and head to the Renaissance Festival solo. If you ask me if you can go with me, I’ll say yes, but I really don’t want you to come. It kind of sucks because last time I went I was with my mom, brother and his family, but I can dance to the tune. Don’t knock it. They tend to have great bad food, turkey leg and good beer. I haven’t gone by myself, but I suspect I’ll be safe. At least I don’t have enough money to blow on stupid crap that I’ll never use again. It’s in Deerfield and that’s one hell of a drive, but it’s all good.
Exercise my elbow (physical therapy)


Wrap up work crap since we do weekly reports. No going out this Friday!

Work all day and figure out what to do in the evening, though I’d like to hang out with my nephew Bob D.


All the boring house stuff that I ignored during the week I will cram into one day.
I MIGHT go to that park where they sell Panamanian food. I haven’t gone, but I understand that it’s great.

Rinse and repeat….. Though this is tentative. Something always pops up. Always. I’m just trying to stay busy! We’ll see what comes up. I know it can’t be this simple.


Give me your damn input!

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