February 2013

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I owe you a few blogs so I read a few more brilliant questions to help society.

Is it wrong im dating a 64 year old?
Yeah..Im 16 and he was a musician in some 80s band or whatever and he told me he wanted to be in a relationship with me yesterday what should i say??? This is a serious question plz dont delete. Thanks!I dont want his money. I know its wrong and thats why i dont know but he’s hot , smart, fun, humorous, and a great listener. – GypsyMoonLic
If you have to ask, you already know. Oh, by the way, in case nobody told you: That’s called rape.

What do you people think about gay marriage? – SuperBeePR
I don’t call it “gay marriage”. I call it either “marriage” or “the pursuit of happiness.” Mind your business and let people live.

Is premarital sex bad?(sex before you are married)Just wanna know. – cruzthecholo
First of all, you don’t have to explain what premarital sex is. And no, it’s not wrong. It’s awesome. That shit was only sensible when people’s life expectancy was like a third of what it is now. But only if you’re not a kid and you need to wrap it up.

If your ex says “we are never getting back together” Could she change her mind? – DionerYoung
Sure. She could. But would you want her to? Maybe she means “we are never getting back together.” Just a thought.

What can a girl gift a guy for valentine’s day? – Franny3025
Fuck Valentine’s.

When is a good age to get married? im 18 years old and getting ready to go to college this summer with my boyfriend. We were talking getting engaged around 21-22 and then getting married – Lfunkey

What are some cute things I could write to my boyfriend for Valentines Day? – LogDog
This is my specialty. How about: “You’re almost as awesome and badass as Lee.”

How can I be a better girlfriend? – Carrot1467
Do exactly the opposite of my last 2 ex’s. Or a threesome.

what can a frigid girl do to enhance her sexual performance or how can she be healed sexually – adeshina
Hit me up. I’ll be like Mr. Miyagi and shit.

What is the one thing I can do with my body — without touching her — that will make her think I’d be good in bed? – Healthfooder
Tell her: “I can lick my nose and am hung like a horse.” They love that.

Do you pronounce amen, aa-men or ai-men? – TheAnswer99
That’s a myth. It’s pronounced “Ramen.” Try it.

Who was older, Adam or Eve? – M16L96A1H2O
In that myth, if Eve was created from Adam’s rib (like a McRib) then he would have had to be at least moments older. Imbecile.

Why do kids usually think they know more than adults? Why do some kids think it is ok to disrespect adults? – SamandDeanfan
Because idiots don’t know they’re idiots (I would know. I work with some). And kids disrespect these days because: A)The parents suck or B)The law prevents parents from beating your ass.


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