Valentines Day 2013 horoscope

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s Valentine’s Day? Great. Let’s see what the stars tell me I should do about this.

Year of the snake:
An encounter (Define “encounter” for me, please. This could mean anything) could bring turmoil to a relationship (Relation-what?? Sorry. I’m allergic); discuss it immediately to diffuse the tension (Yep. I’m a lover, not a fighter). Singles will have promising encounters (Define “encounter” for me, please. This could mean anything), but they will not be ready to renounce their freedom (“Renounce their freedom.” Wow. Makes relationships sound like prison time. I mean, some feel that way, but it shouldn’t). Spend without limits and you could soon run into trouble (Amen!). Don’t let a problem at work affect you (HAHAHAHAHA It won’t. I just can’t wait to wrap it up so I can share with all of you what has been going on. I seriously can not wait); spend time with a friend (On Valentine’s Day?? Most of my friends have “renounced their freedom) or get some exercise in order to let off steam in a positive way (I wish. I have gotten serious about my therapy for my elbow because I MUST work out. I had been doing well and, well, now not so much. Once I can operate properly I will go all out).

Take your time and make this decision count — you’ve got to collect all the information you can get. It may take a long time, but your people are there for you and their patience is all you need. (I don’t have a clue what the fuck you’re referring to. I always make my decisions count and always collect all the information prior to the decision.)

Some great news is coming your way today (Is that right? I haven ‘t heard shit. One ex girlfriend said she was going to send me a dirty video of herself but that’s it.), but you need to play it coy (Coy? Me? Heh) and play it cool (I’m cooler than the other side of the pillow)! Make sure you don’t rush ahead and do anything that could be too hasty (I don’t know. There’s some fun and adventure in that). Let the news settle in and give everyone a chance to get used to the changes that are coming (Nah. I’m not the leader of men. You’re on your own). Being too eager will put you at a disadvantage. Follow the lead of other people (Following isn’t my style. That’s for cattle)— keep them guessing, and you will keep yourself in a very advantageous position (There’s nobody more cunning than me. I’ve proven it recently). Your patience will pay off in a major way (Patience? I fail at that. I really try, but life moves at a fast pace. I don’t understand patience very well. Time may not be limited, but YOUR time is).

Your great energy might be mistaken for something more aggressive today (Me getting confused with aggression? Shocker – and not the three finger type)— so try to keep all your interactions light and breezy (I actually prefer to keep my interactions to a bare minimum). If you do manage to step on toes, you can apologize later (No. They likely deserved it. I’m not origami; I do not fold).

Making a move online isn’t much like signing something in blood. See if you can learn more! The setting offers safety, and the more you try, the easier it is — and the more likely you are to find someone awesome (OK. ¬†Will do: Hey, all you attractive ladies can apply for the position of Lee’s Friend With Benefits right here!).

Career & Finance:
You’re in a hurry to end the week just like everybody (Not really. I work Saturdays so fuck it. My life is such that days blend into each other. I don’t even know what day of the week it is most of the time), but for some things you have to take your time. Like money issues, for example. You’ll be stuck going over the numbers with a fine-toothed comb. Sigh (Oh, shut the fuck up. All I need is a better job and things will start falling into place. Trust me. It’s Lee’s Logic 101. I got this. Oh, and don’t forget to apply for the open position! It has many positions in and of itself.).


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