My Limit?

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Man, this is confusing for me.

So I get a blog because I can’t shut the fuck up or shut my mind off. Here I ramble about my day to day life, news, laugh at you people who believe in horoscopes, blast bad advice articles, discuss my sex life and some private information. It rarely bothers me.

I was just putting some thoughts together for someone and I found that I really don’t find it easy to speak about romantic feelings. It’s easier to joke about it and dance around it than it is for me to speak or write about it. It is the most incredibly frustrating thing. I mean, I have discussed my divorce, breakups, stories, etc., but a normal human emotion like that I can’t quite seem to feel OK talking about.

I wrote what I needed to write and edited and re-edited the shit out of my message. I felt like I was at work proofing a report. Sometimes I felt some words perhaps didn’t quite have the emphasis or maybe they added too much emphasis. I dissected my message like a frog in science class.

Maybe I found my limit. Maybe that’s just something that feels so foreign that I can’t quite feel comfortable discussing. Hell, on many occasions I have told people simply “I don’t want to talk about it” because that was less uncomfortable. I’m shameless enough to piss people off by putting a list together of people I would love to sleep with on here, who I would go out on a date with, but not have in a relationship etc. etc. but I don’t feel comfortable with romantic shit. Don’t misinterpret this. I do not have any romantic life nor will I have one for a while. It was simply putting those thoughts together where I stumbled. I’m going to be a fucking monk. Fuck it.


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