Lee-isms 2/20/2013

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I don’t pretend to have created all or any of these. I just want to start sharing some things that are part of my regular vocabulary.

Whatever the fuck ever: This sees your “whatever” and raises you a “fuck”. It adds extra emphasis that you truly do not give a shit. It’s like having a strong drink and asking for a double. It’ll be clear you mean business.

“Lee, I think you’re rude.”
“Whatever the fuck ever.”

Beducation: This is simply your knowledge in the bedroom. As we know, some people have Elementary Beducation and others have Graduate Beducation. I like to consider myself a Ph.D in Beducation with a double minor in Beducation.

“That girl has an incredible beducation. That was the best ever!”

Alligator mouth on a canary body: These are the annoying people who talk all sorts of shit or act all tough and yet you know that you could stomp them out of existence.

“Lee, you’re pissing me off!”
“Take it easy. Don’t let your alligator mouth on a canary body get you into something you can’t get out of.”

Villains: This is to be used only when you’re hanging out with people who either have a record or are guys that are willing to get into a fight for you.

“Lee do you want to come over tonight?”
“Despite your incredible beducation, I can’t. I’m partying with villains.”

Licoyout: A younger person who you consider to be a kid. Comes from “little youth.”

“That guy upset me.”
“Just ignore him. He’s just some licoyout.”

Biznatchery: This is the behavior exhibited by bitches (can be male or female) and it goes overboard to the point of making you consider jumping out of a building.

“Lee, do you want to invite her too?”
“No, thank you. I don’t want to put up with her biznatchery today.”

Expand your vocabulary.

  1. milo917 says:

    Why aren’t you writing for urban dictionary.com??? Your definitions are waaaaaaay better than the current ones.

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