It is now March 2 (though you likely gathered that from the title) and it’s 12:25 A.M.

I was briefly watching TV and went into my room to start blogging. I spent several minutes trying to convince a lesbian friend of mine that fooling around with a guy (me) could potentially be like hooking up with a girl depending on what you do. She didn’t go for it. People just need to be more open-minded. Actually, now that I mention it, years ago a different lesbian friend of mine went out with me for drinks and gave me a birthday kiss. To this day it has to be the absolute best kiss I’ve ever had in my life. I remember that it was so incredible that I sat in my car when we went our own ways in stunned silence. Too bad, though. I would have liked a few more just to make sure, but it never happened. “Gone insane, but the memory remains. – Metallica

Anyway, this is not the lesbian portion of my blog. I’m just sharing my thoughts this late at night. They just happen to be about lesbians. After all, they have quite a bit in common with me. We like the same things. Let’s see, the potential job hasn’t called me so I left them a message Thursday late afternoon. I haven’t heard from them so I’m trying to not freak out and lose my hopes. I intend to apply for additional jobs, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this job in particular wasn’t something I truly thought I could shine in. Wish me luck. I refuse to lose hope. “..that’s for even thinking of having them thoughts thought up” – ¬†Eminem

For some reason I decided to go through my “Mail” program on my computer. I have several different folders where I have saved emails. I just never really bother to go back to them so I decided to do so. I found some interesting things. Several funny photos, perverted photos from some of you, sweet emails some of you have sent, emails from girls who meant or mean something to me. Some kind of sucked because I read emails that were old and after time has passed they were lies, but I had forgotten. To this day I really can’t believe the type of person I used to be in order for me to be OK with cheating, lying, stealing, fighting and just being dick in general. It feels like a lifetime ago. On the other hand, from seeing the emails I saved, some people are actually stuck on that mind frame and it makes me feel bad for them as well as for me. To each their own, I guess. “Every crazy person has their own theme” my dad used to say. I guess that fucker got one right.

The math crap I’m taking is going well so far. We shall see. I have to remain focused. I’m just easily distracted so I try to do everything as quickly as possible. I have yet to work on my “miami bucket list” for fun items, but I’m doing well with the other ones. The bad part is that I’m having an issue again with the chalk line around my sex life. The friend I thought would hook up with me, well, seems to be on the fence and unfortunately that sucks. No pun. I mean, I’m sure something will pop up sooner or later, but this one would have been awesome! Stay tuned.

Funny. As I sit here I sort of drifted and was planning work things and then I started brainstorming what to do after work. I am actually thinking up what to do after work at 1:00 AM. Incredible. Anyway, I hope to have more for you guys ,but I wanted to keep you posted as I know that some of you ask me here and there.

In an ideal world this would happen: I fool around with both lesbian friends, I get the job I want, I make a grandiose exit from my current employer and I hook up with that one hot friend of mine. See? I don’t ask for too much.


Give me your damn input!

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